November 26, 2012

Speakout: Nov. 26, 2012


I want to thank the kind man who pulled over on Route 3 this evening and let me pass. I understand not everyone feels safe driving the speed limit. I wish more people like you would recognize their limitations. Be safe on the road. If you get scared, pull over.


The capital project money being used for the physical appearance of our school was a waste. We needed a renovation but not a fountain or a roof over the entrance ramp. We need things such as more teachers, books, computers, etc. The state should provide “capital projects” for these things.


I am 14, and I think kids spend too much time in front of the TV, computers and on their cell phones.


Please don’t be a danger to yourself and others on the roads this winter. Don’t drive in snowstorms; wait for clear roads. If you get caught in a blizzard, pull off in a parking area and wait it out. Don’t risk your life for a shopping trip.


I have had the same wonderful dentist all my life, and he retired and the new dentist made me leave because of my insurance. This is not right and should be against the law. I had been there all my life.


Cheers to the PSU soccer team for standing completely still for the entire duration of the national anthem every single game while every other team jumps around and leaves well before it is done. This veteran appreciates your respect.


People, please support the USA, buy produce from the U.S. not other countries. When we continue to buy from others, we are only adding to the problem. Help support our own land and people.


Stores have flyers showing items that “may” be on sale — drive to the store with the price of gas, and the store does not have the item. This has happened more than once. How about ordering accordingly?


I think that schools should worry about one subject at a time. It would make it easier because then I would have to only focus on one thing and not five things. They should do block scheduling at local high schools.

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