February 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 25, 2013

Obama transforms?

TO THE EDITOR: Obama’s “transformation” in regards to gay rights could be fueled by his past?

The 2003 New York Times story “Double Lives on the Down Low” by Benoit Denizer-Lewis reported on a growing underground subculture in the black community known as “Down Low.” It was comprised largely of men secretly engaging in homosexual activity while living “straight” lives in public.

Times writer J.L. King wrote a book in 2004 based on his personal involvement with the subculture, titled “On The Low Down: A Journey Into the Lives of Straight Black Men Who Sleep With Men.”

Coincidentally, Obama was a member of the “Down Low Club” at Rev. Wright’s Trinity United Church in Chicago and reportedly a lifetime member of Man’s Country, a gay Chicago bathhouse?

The 2009 non-fiction book “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Lies and Murder” by Larry Sinclair might shed further light on his transformation. Sinclair, a openly gay man, professed that he and then Sen. Obama engaged in homosexual acts accompanied by cocaine use.

Donald Young, the openly gay music director at Trinity United Church, also professed to engaging in sexual liaisons with Obama. In December and November 2007, Young and Larry Bland, another black, gay member of Trinity United, were murdered execution-style in their homes; both deaths remain unsolved.

Coincidentally, this is the year Obama’s presidential campaign started.

Why didn’t the press explore Obama’s “Down Low” connections? Probably the same reason his illegal drug consumption was not covered; they wanted to protect their national idol. A self-professed drug abuser and alleged homosexual participator undoubtedly wouldn’t instill memories of Ronald Reagan?

So is it a “transformation or “affirmation?”




Surgical team

TO THE EDITOR:  This is a letter of appreciation for the surgical team at CVPH  who were working on Jan. 21 early morning.

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