November 15, 2012

Speakout: Nov. 15, 2012


The college students need to learn basic common sense: Stop and look both ways before approaching in the crosswalk; I’ve seen so many just put their foot out thinking it’s safe, and that is not always the case. Lose the cell phone, too; pay attention.


A huge thank you to the wonderful person who found my Pandora bracelet in Price Chopper. It was a gift from my three children. You restored my faith in honest people.


You have to love the family that pulled into a parking spot at Lowe’s, looked around, pop up the handicap tag, and all four of them — father, mother and children — walk out. So wrong!


At PSU men’s soccer games, during the anthem, I consistently watch the visiting team bounce around, fidget and depart the field 15 seconds before the anthem finishes. PSU soccer team doesn’t move a muscle until the last note. From a veteran, thanks for your respect.


Glad to see the Durkee Street parking lot has been repaved. It is wonderful. I hope it’s patrolled often and the drunks that were smashing beer bottles on it have to clean it. Let’s keep it a terrific parking lot.


Cheers to those volleyball coaches who encourage sportsmanship and do not have their players yell during the opposing team’s serves. Sportsmanship starts with coaching.


Why is it smokers complain that they can’t smoke here or there, that they should have the right. Well, you lost that right when you flick your butts out the window of your car.

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