August 5, 2013

Cheers and Jeers: Aug. 5, 2013


---- — CHEERS to Tristan Parrotte from Zachary’s Pizza for going out of his way to make sure a local family’s birthday celebration was not short-lived. Deborah Ribis tells us that her family was celebrating the third birthday of her grandson, Jackson Fenway Ribis, at Zachary’s in Plattsburgh. The little boy was very excited about his balloons, gifts and cards.

“His parents were moving, and there were a lot of things happening with his little celebration as we left the restaurant after his dinner and cake. Unfortunately, in the confusion of the evening, his balloons and cards were inadvertently left behind,” Deborah tells us.

“As his family was moving to a new house, we ordered dinner for delivery the next night. When I called to place the order, Tristan knew we had been there (we are frequent customers), and he found the balloons and put them aside.

“Much to our surprise, when dinner was delivered the next night to Gramma’s house, the delivery man had Jackson’s balloons! He was a very happy little boy. We were so thrilled that Tristan was so thoughtful and the delivery man was such a good sport to make the ‘delivery.’”

But that wasn’t the end of the story.

“Nearly 10 full days later, I received a knock on my front door,” Deborah relates. “Much to my surprise, there was Tristan. He said he had gone to Jackson’s old house but found out that they no longer lived there. He knew where Jackson’s Gramma lived and came to my front door. Tristan was hand-delivering Jackson’s birthday cards!

“Thank you so much, Tristan Parrotte! You have gone well above and beyond the call of customer relations. It may surprise you to know that the Lightning McQueen balloon is still floating around to be played with (25 days later), and the cards are part of the ‘toys’ at Gramma’s house. One of the cards, a musical card, with the theme from the movie ‘Rio’ (which is watched over and over), is a favorite of Jackson’s, and we listen to it repeatedly when he is here to visit.”

This all shows the very big impact that small acts of kindness can have. Parrotte and others like him who take the time to do something positive for others make this world a better place, one small gesture at a time.

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