August 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 3, 2013


---- — Gone


TO THE EDITOR: When someone goes astray he takes note of his whereabouts and checks his map and compass so he can find his way back. They want to know the right way, the truth.

Marriage between man and woman has been the foundation of society going back to Adam and Eve.

The vast majority of gay people know they have gone astray and, with God’s help and guidance, want to find their back. However, they are being sadly misled and deceived by a great deal of the media, some legislators and more recently by our Supreme Court.


St. Bernard’s Church

Saranac Lake



TO THE EDITOR: Most everyone complains of higher prices. I do.

The fuel oil, gas for the car, even food keeps going up. School taxes is another area that also has risen.

I attended school during the Great Depression. The parents were responsible for providing school books. Each child was given a list the first day of school, and parents rushed to the bookstore so the students would have the books the next day. Cash was used, no credit cards then. The parents saved for the books. 

The bookstore and the street in front were packed with people. Some parents returned books from the previous year and were allowed a rebate, depending on the quality in which it was returned.

Parents paid for all books until the completion of high school. This was the public-school system, and it worked. Both parents and students were responsible. There is no personal responsibility today.

It shows even in the highest government personnel. Our generation did it, so can all the others, even now. There are plenty of empty buildings in the area that could be used for a school bookstore to do what we and our parents did. No excuses, and it worked without any handouts.

We also had the use of the best computers: our brains. We memorized the math tables, had spelling bees quite often, learned geography and world cultures in fourth grade.

Today, a calculator is needed to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Our spelling is corrected for us, and we really do not know where all the countries are or their cultures. It is sad.

Learning to write is to be taken away. I still think it is needed, like creeping before walking, for reading. Education will be losing, as well as children cheated. Shame on the adults.





TO THE EDITOR: Attention to all past members and families of the U.S. Army 309th Ordinance and its sister company, the 962nd Ordinance of Plattsburgh.

You are invited to attend the annual reunion and barbecue at 11 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 1, at Port Douglas Beach, Keeseville. Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided. BYOB and any extras you prefer.

Don’t forget to bring memorabilia, pictures and stories to share. We always have a great time, so please join us.

If you have any questions, please call me at 834-1194 or 420-3637.


Retired staff sergeant