January 20, 2013

Speakout: Jan. 20, 2013


---- — Media

When unspeakable and horrific crimes are committed, I believe that the media should not broadcast every excruciating, painful detail about how the crime was committed for days on end. It may create copycat criminals.


The data is undeniable: Locking people up does not reduce crime. In the U.S., we lock up more people (mostly poor minorities) than any other major country.


I am disgusted by people who discuss certain people and their problems on Facebook. Sometime you might fall on a bad situation and have a problem and no one to help you.


Hunters are out buying up guns. Why do they need auto weapons? I believe in the right to bear arms, but we have no purpose owning auto weapons. These are for SWAT and military for self defense in life or death situations, not to go shoot a deer.


When you are driving down the road you are suppose to look everywhere, not just in front of you. Maybe if someone was paying attention they would not have hit that poor dog by the McDonald's. So sorry for the owner. He was right there.


First off did the person complaining about leggings ever stop to think that just maybe those are the only pants this person has to wear, that maybe they like their clothes that way? Difference is good; if not turn away as you do have that choice.


Local PD have more important things to deal with than Jaywalkers. Campus police truly do not have the power you all think they have so they don't bother either. Therefore jaywalking is what it is.


CVPH is talking cuts. Hey what about the assistant to the assistant, etc.? Companies like that are always top heavy. They say patient care will not be touched. OK, so let's see some management that is not needed laid off.


To the people in line at starbucks on Dec. 21 that kept paying for the person behind them. Nice way of saying Merry Christmas.


I went to our local DMV yesterday and had a very positive experience. Kudos to the two wonderful ladies who helped me. I was in and out in a very short time. Thank you.


To people that are offended by the clothing of others, have you ever thought that people don't dress themselves with every single stranger in mind? Maybe they aren't selling what you are buying.