September 15, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 15, 2012

Guardians tournament

TO THE EDITOR:  I am president of the local chapter of the Guardians of the Ribbon, and I would like to thank all the business, teams and people who helped make our first Cancer Awareness Softball tournament as big success.

A special thanks to Frank Darrah, Tim Snow, Barry Ano and Jeremy Garrant for helping me umpire all the games. Also Tammy, Jan, Larry, Judy and Roland for manning the concession stands all day. To Howard and Jodi Fleisher for all the behind-the-scenes work you both did. And the American Legion in West Plattsburgh for allowing us to host our event there.

We had a great day, and thanks to all the teams that came out and supported our cause. The funds raised will go a long ways to help and support women and children in our area battling cancer.

Again, thank you to anyone I may have forgotten, as there were so many that helped make this fundraiser a success.

I hope to see everyone at our second-annual Cancer Awareness Tournament next year.


Chapter president Northern New Guardians of the Ribbon


Obama hypocritical

TO THE EDITOR: I find it very interesting that President Obama chooses to accuse the Republican candidates and past presidents of all kinds of misdeeds, including oppression of minorities, women and the middle class, then puts forward Bill Clinton in TV ads and as his keynote speaker.

It shows that he says one thing and then does the other.

Bill has been accused of rape (Juanita Broaddrick), is a philanderer (Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Gracen and Monica Lewinsky), accused of misuse of power (Troopergate and Whitewater) and a sexual predator (Kathleen Willey). He is hardly a friend to women.

Bill also signed into law the Defense of Marriage Act and instituted “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” He is hardly a friend of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual Community.

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