June 30, 2013

Speakout: June 30, 2013


Shame on you. I watched you walk past my house on Bailey Avenue with your dog. You let your dog do its business on my front yard and walked away.


The doctors that are rough on patients with Medicaid should not be doctors. And where are the dentists for people with Medicaid?


I am a local employer. If you want a job, make yourself presentable. If I hire you, be mindful that you are a reflection of my company. If you look slovenly, unfit and unkept, don’t bother applying. Remember, first impressions are lasting.


Please stop buying herbicides. Dandelions and clover feed the bees until our crops flower. You’re killing bees. Look up the uses of dandelions and clover; they might be medicine you need.


U.S. involvement is Syria will mean WW3. Don’t let anyone fool you. This “ intervention” will pull all the countries into war.


A quick thank you to all those teachers who have held review classes before exams. As a parent, please know that it is greatly appreciated.


To honor one’s father on Fathers Day is for his children to get along and compromise on their differences. That’s the best gift any father would want, living or deceased.


AIS means Academic Intervention Services; we try to prevent a student from failing, not remediate after they fail. It’s just a way to help kids do well in a specific subject. The smaller those classes are, the more one-on-one attention a weak student can get.

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