March 31, 2013

Editorial: State, region losing numbers


Also, of course, the more populous an area, the greater the economic and social activity.

But there’s also the indisputable attraction of having an area on the move, growing. It’s simply more satisfying to know your home is not stagnant.

Unfortunately, New York state, in spite of the iconic lure of Gotham, is projected for stagnation.

The Census Bureau foresees it slipping inevitably into fourth place, and soon. By 2020, it predicts, Florida will be home to 20,140,700; by 2040, to 23,249,600. By 2040, New York will have a virtually unchanged population of 19,623,505.

If you’re looking for good news, though, Illinois and Pennsylvania, currently in fifth and sixth, are only in the 12 million-population range and unlikely to challenge anytime soon.

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