October 29, 2012

Speakout: Oct. 29, 2012


---- — Speed

While it’s nice to know that the police often check the small circle at the end of our lane, considering all the drug activity that happens there, it would be equally nice for them not to go 20 to 25mph around the circle. I walk my dog there; I like him alive.


You’re upset about the condition of your school’s athletic department? Well, your director has been cut to part time and can’t do it working half days. It’s up to the superintendent now to make sure it gets done. Go to your board about it.


I am sure that many people out there love their dogs and say they’re friendly and don’t bite. But I have been bitten by a “friendly dog.” If I am afraid, I am afraid. Love your pets, but keep them away from people who don’t.


Parents who let their children under the age of 6 play without supervision are asking for problems.


It’s football season, and the coaches are playing only a select few of kids again.  You have a team full of athletes who would love to participate. Don’t make them just stand there to cheer for the ones who get to play every play of every game.


Keeseville is suppose to have a leash law like many other towns so why in the trailer parks do dogs run loose?


Is anyone else frustrated with the recent school lunch government mandate? Kids are coming home starving. The children who are really suffering are the children who have no other choice but to eat school lunches.


So once again, desperately needed businesses are lost do to small-minded thinking. No Lenny’s. No Kohls.