October 29, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 29, 2012


---- — Corrupt system

TO THE EDITOR: The hateful and dishonest television ads that aim to degrade and defeat our congressman, Bill Owens, have been paid for by superpac money and personal wealth ($1.2 million dollars worth so far).

This is all legal, and the Supreme Court has ruled that we citizens are not even allowed to know who provided this money or what interests they have that make such expenditures worth it to them.

It is hard to turn on TV without being bombarded with this stuff. It’s nearly impossible to ignore. Citizens who go to work every day have neither the time nor the resources to do a thorough job of fact checking the many confusing layers of this trash, so ignore it we must, for now.

Many of us have been working to change state election finance law and to amend the U.S. Constitution to prevent a repeat of this travesty in future elections. President Barack Obama supports the amending effort, and Congressman Bill Owens’s vote will be needed to get the measure through Congress.

Please cast your votes for these two men on Nov. 6 and give democracy a fighting chance.

Then, whichever way this election turns out, stand up for American democracy by insisting that those elected change the corrupt system that now holds that corporations are people, that money equals free speech and that corporate entities and very wealthy individuals have the right to use unlimited amounts of money to influence our elections and to remain anonymous as they do this to us. Tell them We the People will not tolerate this.

Help take back our democracy. Vote on Nov. 6, and then keep fighting.




Hard-working, successful

TO THE EDITOR: While recently visiting another county, I noticed the number of federal vehicles on our highways, especially D.H.S. SUVs. Also noticeable were closed businesses with boards over windows and weeds overtaking their lots.

There’s a correlation happening here, a fundamental relationship between the deficit-financed expansion of federal government and the continuous pandemic of businesses going under. As the ballooning growth of government relentlessly advances into markets, private enterprise contracts, much retreating elsewhere to safer tax jurisdictions. Just ask residents of Rouses Point. Contrastingly, according to new Census data, 7 of the 10 wealthiest U.S. counties now reside in Washington, D.C.

Congressman Owens is a steward of this violent government advance. Owens voted for the largest tax increase in our nation’s history, and he unequivocally supports government further taking over our industries and markets. Owens and his party do so with careless disregard to unintended consequences, ignoring painful lessons of history. And they must be stopped.

Fortunately, millions of taxpayers are learning lessons on their own, draining swamps of economic fallacies, learning the truth about recessions, discovering the Federal Reserve and rejecting the erroneous assertion that our markets are to blame. They understand that entrepreneurs and businesspeople are our true unsung heroes. And they must be defended.

Matt Doheny is a hardworking, successful businessman that has experience turning troubled enterprises into healthy ones and understands the fundamentals of job creation.

Many businesspeople know Matt Doheny is a champion of our founding principles, such as limited government, free enterprise and individual rights. So on Nov. 6, unsung heroes will cast their vote for Matt Doheny.

We will send Matt to Washington, where he will work to advance such principles, and by doing so help put our nation on a true path to prosperity.


Republican Liberty Caucus chair



E’town survey

TO THE EDITOR: The Elizabethtown Planning Board would like to thank the 128 people who took the time to fill out the town survey on the future of Elizabethtown.

Economic development was identified as the most important topic, followed by community character. The results and comments of the participants can be viewed on line at

On Aug. 18, a workshop was held; about 22 people attended. It began with a large group exercise, but for the majority of the meeting, attendees worked in small groups. Its objectives were to bring about consensus on issues, opportunities and vision for Elizabethtown. These results, too, can be viewed online.

The next step in the process is to meet with focus groups led by one of the Town’s planning consultants. These focus groups, comprised of professional and business members of Elizabethtown, are seen as an important tool in acquiring information and ideas about the Town’s businesses, housing, resources and overall environment.

Elizabethtown’s Comprehensive Plan is just that: a plan. It is not a law; it is not zoning; it does not involve regulations. It simply reflects the needs and desires of the community, a wish list, if you will.

The Town Council adopts it only after public hearings and county review. One very good reason for having a plan is that all state and federal funding pretty much needs to be connected to a plan. The funding agencies require communities to have their act together, i.e., a comprehensive plan, to be considered. It is one way to help ensure that some of our tax dollars are returned to our community.

The Elizabethtown Planning Board is looking forward to the continued cooperation of all who took the time to be involved for the good of the community.




Straight answers

TO THE EDITOR: I first met Bill Owens while in the process of purchasing a piece of property on the former Air Force Base.

Bill had been working with my husband, who suddenly passed away during the process, so the property managers on the base gave me a little time to become familiar with the contract that both Bill and Guy and been working on.

During this process, I had many questions of Bill about the contract, and he was always there to answer anything I needed to know and to help me understand just what was involved. No questions were considered stupid or redundant; Bill always answered them until I understood.

Bill Owens is still that same person, willing to answer your questions until you are satisfied with the answer and understand what it all encompasses. This is the way Bill works, always keeping you the public informed and giving you the straight answers about how the process works in Washington.

You cannot just go down there and expect things to go your way because bills have attachments to them that make the good parts not so good with all the riders the special-interest groups attach. So sometimes you vote yes for a bill knowing there are some not-so-good parts attached and then you vote no for other bills that have too much bad stuff attached. Again, what is best for all concerned.

A vote for Bill Owens is the right vote to cast. He always has you and our country’s best interest at heart.




Values, integrity

TO THE EDITOR: On Election Day, I am supporting the Congressional candidate who will best represent the interests of our country and the North Country: Matt Doheny.

Matt is a North Country native who lost his father at an early age, overcame adversity, attended college on scholarships and became a hard-working and successful businessman. For Owens to criticize Matt’s success in achieving the American dream is, frankly, un-American.

Some reasons I cannot support Bill Owens are:

Owens voted for Obamacare, a government takeover of health insurance. Nancy Pelosi, principal benefactor of Owens, got politicians like Owens to vote for Obamacare and arrogantly said we have “to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.”

Owens supports Nancy Pelosi, and together they have created eye-popping deficits.

Owens opposes a balanced-budget amendment.

Owens has attempted to take credit for creating thousands of jobs in the North Country that were created by others.

Owens supports “card check,” a law that eliminates confidential voting, one of the very pillars upon which our country was founded.

Owens spent most of his career advocating against unions but suddenly supports unions, which — no big surprise — are now his biggest contributors.

Owens and his wife spent more than $22,000 on a four-day all-expense-paid junket to Taiwan that was organized by foreign lobbyists. Does this pass anyone’s smell test?

Owens is one of a handful of congressmen who the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has targeted to defeat.

We need a congressman who will stay true to his values, character and integrity.

That’s Matt Doheny.