October 29, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 29, 2012

Corrupt system

TO THE EDITOR: The hateful and dishonest television ads that aim to degrade and defeat our congressman, Bill Owens, have been paid for by superpac money and personal wealth ($1.2 million dollars worth so far).

This is all legal, and the Supreme Court has ruled that we citizens are not even allowed to know who provided this money or what interests they have that make such expenditures worth it to them.

It is hard to turn on TV without being bombarded with this stuff. It’s nearly impossible to ignore. Citizens who go to work every day have neither the time nor the resources to do a thorough job of fact checking the many confusing layers of this trash, so ignore it we must, for now.

Many of us have been working to change state election finance law and to amend the U.S. Constitution to prevent a repeat of this travesty in future elections. President Barack Obama supports the amending effort, and Congressman Bill Owens’s vote will be needed to get the measure through Congress.

Please cast your votes for these two men on Nov. 6 and give democracy a fighting chance.

Then, whichever way this election turns out, stand up for American democracy by insisting that those elected change the corrupt system that now holds that corporations are people, that money equals free speech and that corporate entities and very wealthy individuals have the right to use unlimited amounts of money to influence our elections and to remain anonymous as they do this to us. Tell them We the People will not tolerate this.

Help take back our democracy. Vote on Nov. 6, and then keep fighting.




Hard-working, successful

TO THE EDITOR: While recently visiting another county, I noticed the number of federal vehicles on our highways, especially D.H.S. SUVs. Also noticeable were closed businesses with boards over windows and weeds overtaking their lots.

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