October 23, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 23, 2012


---- — Sensory Workshop

TO THE EDITOR: Autism Alliance of Northeastern New York, a Plattsburgh-based non-profit organization, would like to invite the public to join us on Oct. 27 for the Sensory Tool Chest Workshop, featuring Diana Henry.

Parents, pediatric therapists and educators would typically have to travel to Albany, New York City or Boston to participate in a workshop of this kind. Ms. Henry is a world-renowned occupational therapist and presenter.

Please visit for cost, location, course objectives and to register. 




Doheny endorsement

TO THE EDITOR: The Conservative Party considers Matt Doheny to be the pre-eminent choice for representative of the newly formed 21st Congressional District in the upcoming 2012 election.

Matt earned a BA in political science from Allegheny College and JD in business law from Cornell Law School. After practicing law and gaining experience, he entered the business world.

His track record in business is that of great success, helping large troubled companies reorganize, recover from bankruptcy, save jobs and prosper.

Matt Doheny has pledged to work diligently on key issues, which include twin challenges of growth and debt, energy, gas prices, national security, health, taxes and the economy.

Matt has the experience to create jobs and turn the economy around. He will vote to repeal Obamacare, be a leader in Washington to reduce out-of-control government spending to reduce our national debt, work toward energy independence and lower gas prices.

The Conservative Party believes that Matt Doheny is astute to the most crucial issues facing the North Country, energetic and committed to making upstate a better place to live, work and raise a family.

We look forward to forward to electing Matt Doheny as our representative in the 21st Congressional District.

Vote Right. Vote Conservative. Vote Doheny.

God bless America and God bless and guide the Conservative Party.




Warren County Conservative Committee Proven record

TO THE EDITOR: We are writing this letter in support of Janet Duprey for Assembly. 

She has a proven track record. Janet goes the extra mile to answer questions and find solutions.

I am a retired highway superintendent for the Town of Chazy. When I was highway superintendent, our association would travel to Albany to lobby for state funding to repair roads, bridges and other projects that make safer roads. Janet was very instrumental in getting the money needed. Janet always took time out of her busy schedule to meet with us and listen to our concerns and made sure her constituents were informed of the importance of maintaining local roads and bridges.

In my first year as highway superintendent, I requested and received the go-ahead to search for a grant for a salt and sand storage building. Janet gave me information that was helpful and ultimately resulted in success. The building is now constructed.

A vote for Janet will keep a strong voice for the North Country in Albany.


West Chazy


Big Bird ad

TO THE EDITOR: I have to laugh at the latest TV ad put out by a desperate Democrat Party that satirizes Mitt Romney at being at odds with Big Bird.

Big Bird is, in reality, a wildly successful entrepreneur and practitioner of free enterprise. He earns a $350,000-a-year salary and represents the kind of millionaire billionaire Wall Street mogul that Barack Obama and his Moonbat lefty followers despise. So why isn’t President Obama isn’t attacking Big Bird?

PBS and Big Bird rake in hundreds of millions of dollars a year in obscene, capitalist profits peddling baby cloths and diapers to middle-class moms.

Why, at a time when North Country soccer moms are paying $4.25 a gallon for gasoline and the price of peanut butter is going through the roof, should their tax dollars be used to subsidize a millionaire billionare overgrown chicken with money borrowed from China?




Owens helpful

TO THE EDITOR: Thank you, Congressman Owens.

In March of this year, I was diagnosed with ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Due to my military deployment in Vietnam, I was informed that I would qualify for VA benefits available since ALS is considered a service-related disease.

My family immediately followed up with the local VA office to get the process started. While the local office was great to work with, they informed us that we would not be likely to settle for 12 to 18 months. Reality is, I do not have that much time left.

We then turned to Congressman Bill Owens for help. His office immediately took action to help my claim be processed. With his assistance, we heard back from the VA in a matter of weeks that my claim had been processed and I would start receiving veterans benefits starting the following week.

Without the passionate help of Congressman Owens and his staff, I would still be facing uncertainty and worrying about the financial needs for my family during this difficult time. I am extremely grateful for the help that 

Congressman Owens provided and encourage the community to support him in the upcoming election.




Seeks support

TO THE EDITOR: I was appointed Town of Dannemora highway superintendent in February 2012 to fill this position until this election year.

I am a retired correction officer. I have experience in operating and maintaining heavy equipment in working with contractors. I maintained the water and sewer departments in Lyon Mountain for many years.

The Town Highway Department is in good shape. We have new equipment, which has to be kept up at all times. I keep records of all fuel, repairs, etc.

So far this year, we cut brush and trees on the Sunset Inn Road, cleaned and paved some of the Wilfred King Road, Garnish Street and some other roads in Lyon Mountain. Our Highway Department is clean inside and out. You are welcome to see it any time.

I am originally from Chazy Lake, and I married Brenda DuBrey, also from Chazy Lake. We have one son, Terry, and currently live in Lyon Mountain.

With your vote this Election Day, I promise to provide my best possible service to the Town of Dannemora. Thank you for your time and support.


Lyon Mountain