October 20, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 20, 2012



TO THE EDITOR: What will the presidential candidates talk about today? How about the taxes they did or didn’t pay or the economy, Medicare, jobs, etc.

Here’s something they won’t talk about. Two American soldiers were at the graduation of an Afghani policeman. They had trained this 60-year-old and gave him a gun as a present. He immediately killed both of them.

This is not an isolated incident. It happens more than we hear about. The irony of it is they’re killing our brave people with guns we gave them to get the Russians out of their country.

Why can’t we have intelligent leaders like James Monroe, who said “Avoid foreign entanglements, protect our own shores.”

If this would have happened 10 years ago there would be a lot of happier Americans. I know that I would be one of them.





TO THE EDITOR: As the Town of Peru highway superintendent, I ask your support of re-electing Janet Duprey to the Assembly.

I have witnessed first-hand her true compassion with issues involving the state of New York, especially the CHIPS program for paving and infrastructure for towns all throughout this state. Without this needed money for local towns, many towns would not be able to pave their local roads or would be severely hampered.

Janet’s passion with the many charitable organizations she is involved with is unmatched, especially the Autism Alliance of Northeastern New York. Our son Heath is autistic, and we see first-hand her dedication to this organization year after year.

Janet has proven her leadership abilities not only as as county legislator, then county treasurer for many years. Since 2007, she has taken her proven abilities to Albany to represent us in the district. She helped get the Adirondack Club and Resort through the Adirondack Park Agency process by reaching across the aisle and doing the right thing for her district. She worked to help get the St. Lawrence Natural Gas Pipeline funding secured.

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