April 12, 2013

Speakout: April 12, 2013


The NRA fought for the right of people on the terror watch list, perpetrators of domestic violence and drug dealers to have guns. They have no regard for our safety.


Senior citizens have a very powerful lobby. They keep getting more and more “transfer payments” from younger generations through what’s essentially a pay-as-you-go system.


If a complex raises rent $40 in one year, the least the company could do is give us windows and doors that don’t let the wind howl through and that could be cleaned easily.


Is this country waiting for another Pearl Harbor? We need to deal with North Korea now before they strike. The U.S. needs to move before they do or we will lose many troops. They will eventually attack.


Grandparents can be a great thing. I never met mine and would have loved to. I see a lot of mean and greedy grandchildren. A stepfather should not have authority to stop kids from seeing their real grandparents.


Maybe the person who paid for your order does donate to charity and did the good deed to make somebody else’s day brighter without caring what you make in a year. It’s the act of kindness, something the world is lacking.


To the person that was so grateful to the person who paid for coffee at Dunkin’s. How do you know that they don’t already already do other good deeds? Knowing you make $140,000 we can only assume you must donate a lot.


No matter how good you think your intentions are, no one likes a meddling mother-in-law. By being confrontational your son or daughter-in-law, you’re pushing them away.

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