April 12, 2013

Letters to the Editor: April 12, 2013

Opposing gun law

TO THE EDITOR: I hope the parents and veterans who care about our country will read this.

We all have fathers, mothers, uncles and aunts who have served our great country, the USA, as veterans and fought for our freedoms and to uphold our constitution.

Why are deranged politicians trying to destroy what our veterans fought for: religion, freedom, pro-life and the right to bear arms, which was put in the constitution so you could protect your family, business, farm, grandkids — and the government from getting too strong.

Our veterans are facing a bill that prevents them from owning a firearm, after serving their country for what reason? Your rights and freedom.

Even if you could not serve your country, you can help. We have to stand up to these politicians and voice our opinions. We are really getting exploited by the media and Washington. And CNBC and ABC are one of the worst for media.

In opposition of Bill S.649 and Bill S.179, the gun trafficking bill. The Fast and Furious illegal activities of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who knowingly broke many laws and misled congressional investigations. President Obama’s executive order was used to stop Congress from getting to the truth about Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious guns he lost. I clearly see the muddy sticking waters of Washington.

I’m for the laws we have now; they must enforce them. But Washington must live by the same laws as the law-abiding gun owners.

Please take the time to call: Congressman William Owens, 1-202-225-4611; Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, 1-202-224-4451; and Sen. Charles Schumer, 1-212-486-4430.


West Chazy


House sale

TO THE EDITOR: For the record, I did not have anything to do with the selling of my brother Tom Greeno’s house.

That was Joyce Bryant, and that was Mary Savage’s idea to have Joyce sell the house. Mary gave Joyce the consent to sell the house but told me she regretted it.

The house was worth three times what she sold it for.

Every dog has their day.



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