April 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor: April 11, 2013

Degrading women

TO THE EDITOR: I have a complaint against CBS and the Super Bowl and its half-time show as well as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit book: demeaning and degrading women as sex objects.

I am so upset and disgusted. It disgusts me even more when not one person speaks against this obscene immorality that is plaguing and decaying family values and decency in our society.

I do not understand how the churches and people of God cannot stand up to this degrading filth and complain to CBS network and let them and Sports Illustrated writers know that they’re immoral, ungodly demeaning of women and throwing in our faces this sleazy, sex-saturated garbage is unacceptable.

Where are the family groups for morals? Why aren’t the family associations standing up against CBS network and Super Bowl half-time shows and Sports Illustrated for the degrading, harmful trash that they are forcing onto society and in our homes and our stores?

I am so offended and appalled by such decay of morals and disgusting smut. They have no right to portray women as sex objects and harm women with this garbage. They are only trying to get rich by creating their filth. They do not care that they’re hurting women.

Parading around television and in magazines says you have no self respect, and it only says that you lack values and God. You are demeaning yourselves, and you’re just feeding into a part of the disgrace and lack of family values.

I cannot believe how these people think that they are right and that God accepts the sin they are participating in. How sad.

Maybe we need to pray for them more that they will find and live the Lord. We must pray for them.


West Chazy

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