December 3, 2013

Speakout: Dec. 3, 2013


---- — Elf

To the SIP committee that banned the shelf elf, I guess it only takes one or two members to spoil it for so many children.


Rather than abruptly changing health insurance for City School employees to Plan B, why not research the options with local pharmacists and doctors and see what is truly covered, rather than listening to insurance reps who are promoting their product. Why not explore other options, raising the premium $10 to $20 per pay period or renegotiating the buyout for those who get a hefty payment for not taking the insurance. There are other options that can save money rather than abruptly changing it to Plan B.


So let me get this straight, you would have me take more of my money, give it to teachers for their benefits rather than have them pay for their own benefits? Benefits that my family does not enjoy? This isn’t about saving educational programs; it’s about entitlements.


If our teen is using his car to cart you around, please have the decency to pay for gas. And if this continues every day, we will take the car away for good. You are taking advantage and so are your parents. It is not our responsibility to transport you.


To the person who took the Tim Collins campaign sign on Route 9 in Chazy, could you please return it or let me know what happened to it?


So let me get this straight, my sexual orientation is a choice and is not worth rights while your obesity (while eating fast food daily) is due to genetics and deserves special privileges?


Why is it that everyone talks down about rich people in politics. They get their money through their good business knowledge. Those types of people are exactly what we need in the North Country. Someone needs to step up and fix the business known as the City of Plattsburgh.


There are rules that nobody is allowed to run around the school grounds or hang from trees before or after school. Everyone should stay in line. The principal and monitors have upheld this rule from day one. Parents need to take responsibility and watch their children.


My son’s teacher said my son is getting stressed out over the number of Common Core tests being given. After discussions with my son, the only impact of the tests on my son is that they bore him. Please teachers, don’t let your stress carry over to kids.


Why is it only Libs that are claiming their health-insurance cost didn’t go up under Obamacare? Just wait until 2015.


We have asked young adults to not smoke in our car. We are kind enough to give you rides all over Plattsburgh, and if you continue to smoke in this car, you will get no more rides. Because we are the ones paying for the insurance.


What are girls thinking when they go downtown when it’s 10 degrees outside and wearing shorts and skirts.


Can we please stop celebrating the birth of Christ by killing plants?


I think a mother can have a very hard job if her teen is rebellious. Calling people enablers is mean. Out of love, some mothers know their kids well and handle it the way they feel fit to.


Those scary masks one reader described health-care workers wearing are necessary because without them workers who are not vaccinated against the flu are more likely to spread the illness on to those who are patients there. Those patients could have very weak immune systems and die if ill.


Rapacious lawyers should be arrested for helping wealthy people transfer assets to qualify for Medicaid. There will be no Medicaid for the poor if this keeps up.


In regards to the small kids having to stand on the South City bus, when I was I child I was taught to give my seat up for people older than me, not the other way around. It’s called respecting your elders.