October 6, 2012

Speakout: Oct. 6, 2012


---- — Attacks

NYTimes online featured an article by David W. Chen covering a pictorial project depicting locations of Chinese Americans being attacked, slaughtered and otherwise facing ethnic cleansing, in America. It’s not just Native Americans and African Americans. I am so ashamed of the white primitives in our history.


I love Facebook, like millions of people do, but why does this generation take so many pictures of themselves day after day and post them for the world to see? Do they really think that highly of themselves?


Eight retired women had lunch at The Happy Pike today. Imagine our surprise that a young man seeing that we were celebrating several August birthdays paid for our lunch. Yes, there are people who actually enjoy doing good things for others. Thank you so much. You made our day.


Please, people, stand back when doors open to allow people to exit elevator. Don’t charge on as soon as doors open. Those who arrived last, do not cut in front of line of those already waiting. Wait for next elevator. No cell phones on elevator. Hold doors.


Why can’t people who are walking or running in a road do so on the sidewalk next to it? Lately it’s like an epidemic of recklessness and stupidity that drivers will be held responsible for, even if it’s not their fault the person wasn’t on the sidewalk.


Suggestion to local thrift stores. Price all your items at $1 so there is no second guessing when we get to the counter. You can also have fill-a-bag sales. You would move more items. Everything is free to you, so any profit is a profit.


I don’t understand why the one-way streets in Plattsburgh can’t be changed to two-way streets. Most of them are two lanes going in the same direction. It’s just a pain in the neck.


To the person who has taken my red punching bag from the City Recreation Gym. It is my personal bag with my name on it that I keep there for my training. I don’t mind others using it while at the gym. Please return it, no questions asked.


Left-lane interstate drivers are dangerous and illegal. Left lane is for passing only, and if you get out to pass, then pass. It might help to use your mirror also to see the line of traffic behind you.


I know several young people who have found work locally, but it is no surprise that all these jobs are part time. Of course, those who show the most ability and good work habits will find this is the path to full-time work. Good parenting can make the difference.


Stop whining about the Canadians. They bring jobs here. Yes, they also bring their knowledgeable employees, legally. They follow all immigration laws.


For those who believe that Katrina was God’s judgment against a sinful New Orleans, is Isaac God’s judgment against the Republican Convention? 


What happened to marriage? Used to be guy dates girl, next engaged, then wedding and next a family. Now, guy dates girl, then it’s a relationship (which means sharing a bed), then pregnancy and maybe, after a few years, marriage.


We do not have any safer parking lot with the double lines exiting Wal-mart. What if we have 10 cars leaving Wal-mart and you need to get over in the further left lane? I have yet to see people with courtesy. It’s always the other driver’s fault.


With school starting, I’d like to draw attention to the crosswalk in front of Bailey Avenue Elementary at the intersection with Champlain Street. There is always a truck parked right in front of the crosswalk, making it very hard to see children approaching the crosswalk. Please park your vehicles elsewhere.


When are people going to realize that you can’t change people, only how you respond to them? Complaining about them only puts you at their level. Focus on being a good person; that’s all that matters.


Watching the Republican National Convention with an interview with Bill Nye, the science guy, it has become clear American science is being dumped in favor of creationism by religio-political design.


To the couple who came into a store today and started making out as soon as they left. That was gross. You did this in my sight. I did not need to see you perform “tonsil surgery” with each other. You looked old enough to know better.


I guess our local leaders do read Speakout and/or Letters to the Editor as someone read my suggestion to lower the speed limit on Tom Miller Road between Pizza Palace and the Turnpike. I noticed today that the speed limit is now 40 mph from the mall to the turnpike.