October 10, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 10, 2013


---- — Winter Carnival

TO THE EDITOR: The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is a local tradition and lot of fun.

It takes a lot of hands to be successful. We have a great committee that does just that. But we are always looking for new perspectives, too.

We would like to invite anyone interested to join us in putting together this year’s event, with the theme “Celtic Carnival.”

 If you are new to the area, helping out is a great way to meet the community. If you have lived in the area for some time, it’s a great way to share your experience. 

Our next meeting is at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, at the large group room at Saranac Lake High School. Please consider joining us.



Saranac Lake Winter Carnival


Cashman endorsed

TO THE EDITOR: I have known Michael Cashman for a number of years, first having met him as a new member of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

As a member of the ZBA, Michael has shown a great deal of wisdom with his questions and responses to the applicants when they appear before us.

 Michael also served on the Zoning Update Committee for the Town of Plattsburgh, which has given him a great deal of knowledge of how the town operates, who the business owners are and their unique issues.  Michael is not afraid to ask the hard question or deliver the correct answer.

These are but two of the reasons Michael will make a great councilperson. Endorsing Michael Cashman for the position of town councilperson is a wise and easy choice.

Please join me in filling the circle for Michael Cashman on the ballot come Nov. 5.




Honest, hard-working

TO THE EDITOR: We want to go on record as endorsing Peter Ensel for the office of councilor for Ward 4.

 We have known Peter for many years, since the time our grown children were little.

Peter is a hard-worker and dedicated man who is passionate about issues and causes that are important to him.

He brings excellent credentials to this position, with a master’s degree from Boston University and many years’ experience working at SUNY Plattsburgh in the communications department.

He is honest, reliable and willing to work the long hours needed for the city councilor position.

We believe Peter is the person best qualified to be the next elected official to represent the people in Ward 4. 




Closed Sundays

TO THE EDITOR: An article in the Oct. 1 New York Times certainly does not portray Plattsburgh in a good light as we’ve been reduced to “a town of 20K with a college and a university and a dead downtown.”

I don’t know if you’re aware of the number of people who read the NYT’s travel section each week, but getting one’s city mentioned is usually a very positive thing and could be a boon to having folks visit us. However, after reading this article, I think people will more than likely stay away instead of visiting.

I’ve always thought downtown being virtually shut down on Sundays was a bad thing. If we want Plattsburgh to be a welcoming, vibrant downtown, one people want to visit, things must change.

I often take a coffee at Koffee Kat on Sunday mornings sitting outdoors in the summer months. I cannot tell you how many out-of-towners stop to ask me what is open and where to go downtown. Alas, I can offer them very few options. When they have nowhere to spend their time or money in our downtown, they will go elsewhere and usually not return.

It is up to city government, in my opinion, to be the “flag waver” for downtown. As it is, there is little for the locals or the visitors to do downtown. Simply giving over parking spaces to restaurants for personal profit will not suffice.

Perhaps as a stipulation to giving over public space to private enterprise, the city can require these eateries be open on Sundays. Downtown is ugly, dirty and requires a massive cleanup. Who wants to spend time in an environment such as that?




Skills, personality

TO THE EDITOR: Paul O’Connell will be an outstanding councilor for the City of Plattsburgh.

He has the work ethic, personality and people skills to well serve Ward 4 and be an important team player on the Common Council.

I’ve known “Crusher” O’Connell for most of my life. I first met him playing across the line from him on the gridiron and on the ball diamond, as Crusher was a fiercely competitive athlete for “The Mount.” He played hard and hit harder, and when the game was over, he would be the first across the field to shake your hand. His teammates loved and respected him, and so did the opposing teams.

He naturally gets along with people, though he is no pushover. He says what must be said, but in a nice way.

Paul has worked hard all his life. He paid his dues, retiring from state corrections and then joined the Sheriff’s Department, while presiding over the St. Peter’s School Board. He’s one of those quiet — and noble — guys who do honest work each day to support a family while still finding the time to contribute to the community.

Crusher, too, is a family man, a grandfather now, and he knows how vital the city’s safety and quality of life are to keeping his children and grandchildren in Plattsburgh with solid job opportunities and futures. He’s ready to put his shoulder to wheel and push the Lake City in that sustainable direction.

Though I no longer live in Plattsburgh, a big piece of my heart remains on that lake shore, along with some of my children and grandchildren, and I will always want it to thrive and prosper.

Paul “Crusher” O’Connell is a person who will help it do just that. A vote for Crusher will be the right vote for Plattsburgh’s future this November.



Village of Saranac Lake


O’Connell committed

TO THE EDITOR: I am submitting this letter for Paul “Crusher” O’Connell in support of his quest for the Ward 4 councilor position.

I no longer live in Plattsburgh, but I have known Paul since birth and his family (three generations) since my younger days.

I know no one who would be more committed to Ward 4 than Paul, born there, raised there and immensely proud of Ward 4 as his home.

A hard worker and a dedicated family man, Paul would get my vote in a heartbeat.


Saratoga Springs