October 9, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 9, 2013

Ensel a leader

TO THE EDITOR: My time as a student at Plattsburgh State was one of the happiest and most rewarding periods of my life. Peter Ensel was one of the professors most responsible for that experience.

I have carried the lessons I learned from him — lessons about much more than just academics —through my entire life.

I am proud and fortunate to have stayed in touch with him in the years since I graduated, and I encourage everyone to support him in his candidacy for the City Council.

From PSUC to the Rotary to the Red Cross and more, Peter Ensel has been a leader for many years, and I passionately believe in his platform of stabilizing taxes and utility rates while promoting development and growth.


Plattsburgh State Class of 1990



Building solutions

TO THE EDITOR: If you live in Ward 1, you have a unique opportunity.

On Nov. 5, you can make Rachelle Armstrong your City Council representative.

Why should you vote for Rachelle? Here’s why my dear Republican friend and I will be voting for her.

Rachelle cares about democracy. She visits with her neighbors. She asks what’s on our minds and listens. We talked about local, state and national problems and about solutions.

She emphasized the need for open, respectful dialogue among people from varying backgrounds and viewpoints willing to listen to each other, not speak at each other.

Rachelle understands the fine arts of listening and of bringing people together to find common ground upon which to begin building solutions for a prosperous, optimistic future. I admire and support that approach.

Aren’t you tired of the in-fighting and heel-digging that characterizes politics on all levels? I am; so is Rachelle.

We agreed that Plattsburgh is a small city with big potential. She believes that, working together with all stakeholders, a sensible strategic plan for Plattsburgh is needed. I agree.

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