October 4, 2013

Speakout: Oct. 4, 2013


Just can’t say enough about texting drivers. Why would you jeopardize other people’s or your own safety to text and drive? When you’re looking down at a friend in a coffin, perhaps that will encourage you to put your phone down.


The people you elected agree that we should send arms to the Syrian rebels. These are the same rebels that we are fighting in Afghanistan. I wonder how many of these rifles are going to be used against Marines in Afghanistan.


Parallel parking is pointless if the person behind you does not hold patience. Honking and peeling out around the person is what happens in the City of Plattsburgh.


A marina placed next to the existing marina in Plattsburgh will take away any view that is left at that location for the locals. For the sake of some revenue for the city, that view will forever be lost due to lack of foresight.

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