September 29, 2013

Speakout: Sept. 29, 2013


Class instructors should be able to keep the class in line if any hanky panky goes on. If people are being mean or catty, then you should have them leave. Everyone matters in a class. We are all equal.


Parents, wake up, if you bring your child to a registered provider, you can claim it on your taxes, we are CPR and first aid trained. We have requirements we have to meet, home inspections and more.


Plattsburgh needs to change to city manager with part-time mayor. No significant change since base closed.  Running a liquor store or selling cars does not qualify to run a city in modern times. Need highly educated, experienced expert.


I was overjoyed when I learned of the IOC’s decision to include wrestling in the 2020 Olympics. However, after all the media attention wrestling received for being removed from the Games, there was shockingly media coverage when it was reinstated. Why only report the negative news about the sport?


As a taxpayer, I just would like to know why do certain Beekmantown buses have to be at school for 7 a.m. while our kids wait till 7:30 to get off the bus? Thirty minutes on the bus waiting.


My favorite part of summer has always been filling my bird feeders and watching the summer’s flocks twittering outside my window. However, my feeders have been repeatedly raided. I looked it up and it looks like the Adirondack spotted lark. Anyone else having this problem?


Kudos to the roadside adopt-a-highway workers. Great job of picking up after the slobs and helping to make our North Country look a little better. I know it doesn’t take long to get back to a mess, but your efforts are appreciated.


Is freedom of speech prohibited in Franklin County? Legislators say it is. Take away the negotiated raise then be surprised when they don’t speak highly of you. How many legislators have actually been to the jail and tried to see how it works and the professionals who run it?

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