September 28, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 28, 2013


---- — Fracking


TO THE EDITOR: “What good is a job with no place to settle? What good is a big paycheck with no good water to drink?”

These are words from a song by Anne Hills about fracking. We heard her sing it at the Whallonsburg Grange Hall just recently. You can also hear it at:

On a recent trip back to the Adirondacks from Alaska, my husband and I made the mistake of coming through Williston, North Dakota. It was, to my mind, the nearest thing to hell on Earth that I had ever seen.

You can see it here:

No job nor additional tax revenue is worth destroying landscapes, communities and the health of people. An “economic benefit” is only as long as gas flows.

The nature of fracking is that it is squeezing out remnants that conventional extraction can’t quite reach. After a short-term boom comes a bust. And the addiction to fossil fuels remains.

Please write to Gov. Cuomo. Don’t let this ever happen in any part of New York.





TO THE EDITOR: Clinton County Historical Association wishes to thank everyone who supported our recent street drive.

We raised more than $1,600 in five hours.

We thank all the locals, returning students, visiting Canadians and other out-of-town visitors who donated.

We wish also to thank the City of Plattsburgh for allowing the event.

This is an easy way for the city to support the Museum without expending public monies.

Thank you again for all you support.



Clinton County Historical Association



TO THE EDITOR: I would like to give a big thank you to everyone for your support, signing my petitions, allowing me into your homes and voting for me in the Republican Primary.

But we are not done yet. I would greatly appreciate your continued support and vote in the General Election on Nov. 5.

You will find me on the ballot under the Honesty Party.