September 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 25, 2013


---- — Polhemus experienced

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing in support of a person I have recommended three times in the past for a position.

All three times I expounded the virtues of this person, she was hired immediately. You readers will have to wait until November.

Sue Polhemus is running to be your next Clinton County treasurer. Sue was born and raised in the North Country. A PHS graduate, after graduating from college in Rochester and following a short time in Vermont, she was able to return to the North Country with the knowledge she acquired in accounting, working for major companies and banks. Returning to the area allowed her, with husband Kirk, to raise their children here.

My family business had a terrific bookkeeper who was with us for 40 years. When she left due to cancer, Kirk (a classmate in high school) suggested Sue. They had just moved back to the area. Sue was a godsend; she did the work seamlessly and in half the time. I was amazed. When you see her resume, it’s no surprise.

Clinton County’s budget is $150 million plus. Our last three treasurers, McGee, Duprey and Giroux, all came from the legislature. All transitions were seamless because of the understanding gained in governmental procedures. The treasurer’s job is all about accounting. Sue’s whole background is accounting. 

As to government, when she was secretary to the Peru supervisor, Sue experienced governmental budgeting, grants, revenue and Civil Service. Now, as a council person even more knowledge has been gained.

Please take the time to find out the qualities and background of this year’s candidates. When material is sent, please try to read it.

When you see the candidates’ body of work, one will become clear: Sue Polhemus is the best choice.




Supporting Ironman

TO THE EDITOR: The Wilmington Bike Aid Station for Ironman 2013 would like to thank several people and businesses in Wilmington for supporting the aid station.

Thanks to Chief Adragna of the Wilmington Fire Department; Roy and Becky Holzer of the Little Supermarket, who furnished the breakfast food and prepared the delicious lunch for the volunteers and furnished the DJ; Linda Preston, who was the breakfast chef and lunch organizer; Doug Sequin of Silverlake Sounds, who not only was our DJ but assisted with EMT duties; Steve Corvelli, Marcel Bruce, Amy Peck, Jacob Burns, Bill Skufca and Bill McGreevy from the Wilmington Fire Department’ Gene and Billie Loughran for allowing the DJ to set up in your front yard; and the 125 volunteers who came from all over the USA.

Ironman brings an incredible number of athletes, their families and volunteers into our area. The Ironman organization in 15 years has donated $1.2 million to the towns that are on the routes of the race. Many youth programs in Jay, Wilmington, Keene and Lake Placid have benefited from this partnership.

This year, we saw many local athletes compete, including Bill Skufca. Next year, we can look forward to Roy Holzer competing. Everyone come out and support Roy next year.




Kiwanis presidents

TO THE EDITOR: The Kiwanis Club of Plattsburgh is looking for all past presidents of the club to invite them for a club celebration: Past Presidents Day, Installation of Officers and Presentation of Legion of Honor Awards to members with at least 25 years of Kiwanis membership.

All past presidents of the club are invited to be guests of the club at its luncheon meeting at 12:15 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 3, at the Elks Lodge on Cumberland Avenue.

Two years ago, we held a similar Past Presidents Day with 17 past presidents attending. We are seeking to break that record this year.

Our club was chartered in 1929 and has a rich history of leadership in service to the community. We would like to recognize our past leaders for their contributions to our club and to the region.

All past presidents are encouraged to RSVP by Oct. 2 to Nancy Church at, or call 572-5028.


Plattsburgh Noon Kiwanis Club


Attacks on rights

TO THE EDITOR: The vast majority of young women today do not see themselves as “feminists” or “pro-choice;” however, they believe the Roe decision was absolutely right.

Not only have they adjusted to a post-Roe world, they told the Republican Party in 2012 that the party was totally out of step with American women.

Certainly the idiotic ravings of politicians like Paul Ryan, Todd Akin and Foster Friess, who demonize women’s reproductive rights, helped dismantle the party’s chances in the election, and the continued attacks on women’s rights in states like Texas will not help the party in 2016.

Young women see the attacks on women’s health and Planned Parenthood as plain foolish. These attacks do not reduce abortion rates; they only increase misery for women, especially for those who are not college graduates, don’t belong to the middle class or are not wealthy.

Birth control, abortion, annual pap smears and breast-cancer screenings are private matters. Women shouldn’t have to deal with creepy men and women with gory signs in front of Planned Parenthood facilities. But as long as you have caveman intelligence in state and federal governments, women have no choice.

We must encourage women of all ages to come into the light and stand up loud and strong in public for their reproductive rights. By pushing back in a strong and concerted effort, they can force the country to abandon pre-Roe Stone Age attitudes on women’s health and women’s rights forever.

As an addendum, I encourage all boyfriends and husbands who don’t wield stone axes and spears to support their women in their time of need.




Facteau grateful

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to thank all Conservative and Independence voters from the Town of Saranac who supported me in the Sept. 10 primary.

With your support, I have secured both the Independence and Conservative lines for highway superintendent. I will also be on the Working Families and Democratic lines on the Nov. 5 ballot.

I ask all voters in the Town of Saranac for your support on Nov. 5. If elected, I will do my very best to serve the residents of our town.




Supporting Lawson

TO THE EDITOR: I am a registered voter residing in Ward 5, City of Plattsburgh, and I support Bruce Lawson for councilor.

Bruce is a strong advocate for keeping taxes in check while at the same time promoting the local economy. Bruce brings a wealth of experience to the position that will enable him to use his marketing background to encourage growth in the City of Plattsburgh.

The current level of fiscal responsibility needs to be preserved in order to avoid the financial abyss that occurred when a previous administration brought on a financial crisis that resulted in the city’s bond rating being downgraded.

Please join me in supporting Bruce Lawson for Ward 4 Plattsburgh City Council.