September 25, 2013

Editorial: Don't censor what we read


We encourage participation. It is a way to let the world know that you don’t approve of restricting intellectual growth, that you believe that expanding the mind sometimes necessitates confronting uncomfortable information.

That is not to say that we believe every book is suitable for every person. Parents, for example, should monitor the reading choices of younger children. They know better than anyone what type of material might be overly disturbing or inappropriate for their kids.

But there comes a time in the mental development of young adults when they feel ready to step past restrictions and challenge their fledgling moral concepts or that of their parents.

To read about something different, unusual or even, to some, unconscionable doesn’t make the reader immoral. Often, it can strengthen their belief in good.

We firmly believe that unrestricted access to all books is an essential American right.

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