March 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor: March 15, 2013

Impeachment urged

TO THE EDITOR: President Obama has violated the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution and therefore should be impeached and removed from office.

Obama is the worst president in American history for these reasons:

The so-called Affordable Care and Health Reform Act (”Obamacare”) will cost every American family $20,000 more per year over current expenses and cover fewer individuals than are covered by insurance. Grade: F.

2. Job creation/promotion: Obama’s threatened veto in exchange for environmental extremist votes is the main cause for a doubling of gas prices since 2009, despite written guarantee of a cut in at pump, wholesale price to a $2.25 ceiling by Exxon Mobil, Shell and BP upon approval; and a guarantee of 1 million permanent high-paying jobs in 10 states. Grade: F.

3. Jobs/economic policy: Resulted in lower standard of living for workers and 40 percent reduction in labor force ready for full-time employment paying at least twice minimum wage and benefits. This while this available force has doubled in size and welfare population has tripled since Obama took office. Grade: F.

4. Foreign policy: Obama is ultimately responsible for the deaths of four embassy employees in Benghazi (negligence cause homicide is a high crime as defined by the Constitution and thus an impeachable offense). Grade: F.

5. Border security/illegal immigration. AG Holder is directly responsible for the on-duty deaths of two Border Patrol agents and for covering up same under President Obama’s direction under oath before Congress (obstruction of justice/perjury is an impeachable offense). Grade: F.

6. Political appointments are an absolute disaster from Holder to Rice to Hagel while passing over Medal of Honor candidate Bob Kerry and POW hero McCain; amounts to clear malfeasance in office, also impeachable. Overall grade F.



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