February 6, 2013

Speakout: Feb. 6, 2013

Air gun

I keep an air gun to protect me against rabid animals when I go for walks in the woods. Thinking about taking that away, too? People who say no guns at all don’t realize that some of us have legit reasons to have them.


Why is “You Better Run, Baby, Run, Outrun My Gun” being played at Cardinal Hockey games? In light of the Newtown and other shootings, how insensitive and crazy is that?


With the two recent robberies at convenience stores, I would like to know what the company is doing to make the store safer?


Extending school time would be a disastrous situation. As if the demands are not enough for students. I have always believed in having four longer school days per week with three days off.


What is wrong with our society? $23 million opening weekend for a horror movie? If you enjoy watching people get chopped up, there is something wrong with you.


If New York and Vermont seriously want to save money, stop rescuing people on the mountains who can’t comprehend a weather forecast or read the signs on the trails.


I work in a place where there are several public bathrooms. I cringe when I walk into one because half the time, the person before me didn’t bother to flush the toilet. What kind of home must these people come from?


Employers, do your job to the best of your ability. Get along with co-workers. Be grateful you have a job. Bosses, remember your employers are people trying to do their job. Peaceful workplaces are much more productive.


I am sick and tired of people who abuse their dogs and don’t take care of them, which includes leashing them up. The neighbor’s farm dog killed my helpless kitten, and you better believe action will be taken.

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