February 3, 2013

Speakout: Feb. 3, 2013


---- — Appointments

If a doctor calls patients to reschedule their appointment, the rescheduled patient should not be told there are “four people ahead of you.” Furthermore, the rescheduled patient should not have to wait an additional two hours to be seen by the doctor.


The secondary smoke is out of control again at the bingo days in Altona. They forget to turn on fans, and small children are sitting right in the middle of it. It is as bad as smoking yourself.


Jeers to the City for not clearing their walks per the local ordinance, for example South Catherine Street along South Acres Park. It is now Jan. 2, and it has yet to be cleaned from the storm of last week.


Rooster starts crowing anywhere from 4:30 to 5:30am, it’s becoming a nuisance. We like to sleep with windows open. We do not like waking up at 5 a.m. or sooner.


During the morning commute on Route 9 between Ausable Chasm and Plattsburgh, please be considerate of other drivers. If you feel unsafe traveling at the speed limit and you notice a line of 10 cars behind you, please pull over.


Community leaders should consider portable fluorescent flags within bins on either side of crosswalks for pedestrians to utilize so they can notify traffic (flag them down) as they cross the road acting.


When a customer has called and left message, you might want to consider calling them back. It’s very rude for any business to not return messages.


Why do parents allow their children to fool around, wreck public property and run up and down aisles in stores? Yesterday, two 5- or 6-year-olds were smacking each other with merchandise and the parent stood by and watched.


School gets out at 2:30, not 2:50. I am a parent who has to go back to work at 3 after I pick up my child from school. I was not the only angry parent who had to wait in the cold until the class was released.


Sidewalks are still left unplowed and shoveled around town. It is difficult for pedestrians to share the road with drivers. Stop being lazy; do your civic duty.


Why is it that it’s OK if I weigh 285 pounds and have a spot on a school sports team, but if I belong to the chess club at 285 pounds, I’m obese?


The number of student athletes with permanent injuries from returning to play sports too early is staggering. No student who gets a head injury should be allowed to return to play any sport for the remainder of the school year.


It disturbs me to see that so many people have to cut down CCC about the layoffs. If they have so much to say why don’t they go to the college board meeting, which is every third Tuesday of the month and voice their concerns?


Kids are stealing from there own parents and selling the items to the pawn shops. When they sell something they stole to the pawn shop, there are no questions, no IDs copied.