January 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 22, 2013


It was the hardest time of my life — and yet it was the time that I was supposed to graduate from Clinton.

When everything seemed to be slipping out of my hands, Donna offered me hers. Without ever asking, she called constantly, emailed all of my professors, put together fundraisers, arranged the entire soccer team to visit me and, once I was out, she gave me the best medication for healing — her time and her comforting words.

When I began to worry about my class assignments, I went to her office, tears almost immediately rolling down my cheeks. She told me that it was OK, accept the help from others, that I had people supporting me.

Donna, please know that you are not in this alone.

Whether it is as a coach, an adviser or as a person, she has shown me what it means to be compassionate, and this is exactly the kind of person I hope to be, for it is the best trait that I see in any person that I meet.


West Chazy


Silencing public

TO THE EDITOR: On Dec. 17 a town resident gave a lengthy and somewhat unpleasant address to the Plattsburgh Town Board. Instead of enforcing their own policy regarding conduct at town meetings, the board took the easy road and did nothing. However, in the backroom they formulated their revenge.

In a memo dated Dec. 21. 2012, Mr. Bassett claims that “the public comment section had been ‘hijacked’ and no longer served its intended purpose, but instead was becoming time used for a private purpose and to denigrate the Town and Town Board members”. So, on Jan. 7, the board, unanimously, passed resolution #013-03, which silences public comment during formal Town Board meetings.

Citing public-access TV as the official reason, Mr. Bassett says this change is needed so that public comment doesn’t use up all the board’s TV time. (Formal Town Board meetings are broadcast on Local Access TV, but he apparently doesn’t know that there is no real time limit).

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