January 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 22, 2013


---- — Keeseville dissolution

TO THE EDITOR: I hope that the residents of the Village of Keeseville vote to keep the village and not dissolve it. 

Monetary savings that were stated early have been amended down. For anyone with a home over $79,000, it would be none.

At first, the supervisors of the two towns said they could do all the village does without any of the village help. Now they each want to hire two people. Further, if you think that the costs for water and sewage, if split into two districts, won’t increase dramatically, think again.

Municipal efficiency seems to be at the core of this complaint. Take a good look at both towns and how they are run. Do you want the village to sink into GOP/Democrat partisan politics? Not me.

If we dissolve the village, both towns can simply ignore all building and zoning requirements that the village has now. Neither has a decent planning and zoning plan in effect.

Keep what works. If I could, I would dissolve the town out of the village. 




Compassionate coach

TO THE EDITOR: My respect for Donna Dixon goes well beyond her skills, her dedication and love of soccer, but rather into her compassion for others.

I owe her much more than my national championship ring; I owe her all the help I can give because of what she has given me.

I spent two weeks in Fletcher Allen Health Care Neurology Center. I hardly remember the first few days, and the remaining days were spent being rolled down the halls in a wheelchair for more tests, with arms patched with black and blue marks from past and present IVs and a resulting medical box labeled Monday through Sunday that matched the one on my grandfather’s dresser. I was 20 years old.

It was the hardest time of my life — and yet it was the time that I was supposed to graduate from Clinton.

When everything seemed to be slipping out of my hands, Donna offered me hers. Without ever asking, she called constantly, emailed all of my professors, put together fundraisers, arranged the entire soccer team to visit me and, once I was out, she gave me the best medication for healing — her time and her comforting words.

When I began to worry about my class assignments, I went to her office, tears almost immediately rolling down my cheeks. She told me that it was OK, accept the help from others, that I had people supporting me.

Donna, please know that you are not in this alone.

Whether it is as a coach, an adviser or as a person, she has shown me what it means to be compassionate, and this is exactly the kind of person I hope to be, for it is the best trait that I see in any person that I meet.


West Chazy


Silencing public

TO THE EDITOR: On Dec. 17 a town resident gave a lengthy and somewhat unpleasant address to the Plattsburgh Town Board. Instead of enforcing their own policy regarding conduct at town meetings, the board took the easy road and did nothing. However, in the backroom they formulated their revenge.

In a memo dated Dec. 21. 2012, Mr. Bassett claims that “the public comment section had been ‘hijacked’ and no longer served its intended purpose, but instead was becoming time used for a private purpose and to denigrate the Town and Town Board members”. So, on Jan. 7, the board, unanimously, passed resolution #013-03, which silences public comment during formal Town Board meetings.

Citing public-access TV as the official reason, Mr. Bassett says this change is needed so that public comment doesn’t use up all the board’s TV time. (Formal Town Board meetings are broadcast on Local Access TV, but he apparently doesn’t know that there is no real time limit).

But, the public is in luck because the board will now permit public comment during “work sessions,” or as the P-R said in its Jan 9 editorial, “those meetings that carry a connotation of not being open, of being just for members to work out details — and that turn away citizens, whether intentional or not.”

Since, during “work sessions” minutes are only kept if a resolution is passed, and since the press rarely attends work sessions, which are not televised, what the new essentially does is keep the people’s comments out of public view. It seems that “Joe Citizen” has finally been put in his place.




Gun control

TO THE EDITOR: There is no “discussion” about gun control on the left. They just demonize, pontificate and milk pathos out of tragedy for political gain.

Can more gun control decrease crime when it is glaringly obvious that what is already in place does not? Not open for discussion. To the left, more poison is always the cure.

The liberal elites want to disarm us, but it’s OK for them to have guns because they don’t kill children with them; they have abortion clinics for that.

When the next school massacre occurs (and it will), all the restrictions, bans, confiscations and other fascist dreams will do nothing to prevent its bloody climax.

Only a good person there with a gun can save lives.




Tournament successful

TO THE EDITOR: We’d like to thank the people of the North Country for once again displaying overwhelming support of our second Alzheimer’s Awareness Basketball Tournament.

The response from the schools, players, coaches, referees,volunteers and friends was staggering. Over $20,000 was raised for the Alzheimer’s Centers in Elizabethtown and Saranac Lake.

Thanks to the administrations at Elizabethtown-Lewis and Moriah central schools for the use of their facilities, tournament supervisors Paul Bueller and Brian Cross, the referees of Board 142 for donating their time and energy to officiate each game and our corporate sponsors:

Peter Levine, AuSable Forks Fastpitch Tournament, Gary Finney, Stewart’s Shops, John Steffy, Marsha Homes,North Line Utilities,Tom and Maureen Ryan Family, Cal and Pat Nephew, AuSable Forks American Legion Post 504, Blue Rock Energy, Riverside Lanes, Adirondack Hardware, Boyea’s Grocery, Primerica Financial Services, Gordon Oil, Adirondack Chevrolet Buick Inc., Adirondack Auto Service, Christopher’s Chevrolet Buick, Post Office Pharmacy,Gary Keysor, Best Western of Saranac Lake and NCCC Saints Basketball.

Also, Village Meat Market, North End Tavern, Willsboro Golf Course, Boats R Fun, John Sheehan & Sons, Adirondack Motel, Guide Boat Realty, Amanda’s Village Motel, Nonna Fina, Edenfield & Snow Tax & Accounting Services, Fogarty’s Lake Flower Marina, Aubuchon Hardware of Elizabethtown, Marvin’s Funeral Home, Village Sunoco, Cellotti’s Liquor Store, Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union, Burleigh’s Luncheonette, Upstate Auto, The Wind-Chill Factory, attorney James Martineau Jr., Community Bank of AuSable Forks, Graymont, Feek’s Pharmacy, Casier Furniture, Hyde Fuel, Rick’s Place, Keith Stay, Dan and Missy Manning.


Ausable Forks