January 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 22, 2013

Keeseville dissolution

TO THE EDITOR: I hope that the residents of the Village of Keeseville vote to keep the village and not dissolve it. 

Monetary savings that were stated early have been amended down. For anyone with a home over $79,000, it would be none.

At first, the supervisors of the two towns said they could do all the village does without any of the village help. Now they each want to hire two people. Further, if you think that the costs for water and sewage, if split into two districts, won’t increase dramatically, think again.

Municipal efficiency seems to be at the core of this complaint. Take a good look at both towns and how they are run. Do you want the village to sink into GOP/Democrat partisan politics? Not me.

If we dissolve the village, both towns can simply ignore all building and zoning requirements that the village has now. Neither has a decent planning and zoning plan in effect.

Keep what works. If I could, I would dissolve the town out of the village. 




Compassionate coach

TO THE EDITOR: My respect for Donna Dixon goes well beyond her skills, her dedication and love of soccer, but rather into her compassion for others.

I owe her much more than my national championship ring; I owe her all the help I can give because of what she has given me.

I spent two weeks in Fletcher Allen Health Care Neurology Center. I hardly remember the first few days, and the remaining days were spent being rolled down the halls in a wheelchair for more tests, with arms patched with black and blue marks from past and present IVs and a resulting medical box labeled Monday through Sunday that matched the one on my grandfather’s dresser. I was 20 years old.

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