January 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 21, 2013


The Postal Service knows fully well that national politicians will not stand by and see a service vital to their constituents vanish. Actually, since early in 2012 the list of potential closings was modified and became a list of “affected post offices” in relation to customer-service hours.

The initial news from the USPS that thousands of post offices were to be closed might be viewed a beginning negotiation stance in the USPS’s battle with Congress to gain more revenue. After the uproar settled, the USPS has come up with a new avenue to help with its cash-flow problem: decrease the number of hours that post offices will be open. Better than closing the post office, but another inconvenience to the local patrons.

For the most part, the only post offices closed in the last few years have been those such as Keene Valley, which closed in 2010 when a rental agreement couldn’t be struck with the building’s owner, or West Hartford, VT, which was destroyed by Tropical Storm Irene in 2012.

Both the Keene Valley and West Hartford post offices have been replaced by a new type of village post office run by private businesses. At the VPOs, there is limited service, but usually expanded hours to receive mail.



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