December 29, 2012

Speakout: Dec. 29, 2012


---- — Indians

I am just wondering how many people out there know that November is National Native American Month? I love seeing commercials for the other ethnic groups. Why is there none for the Native Americans, and why did it take so long to be recognized?


I am not a drinker, smoker or drug user, but from what I understand marijuana makes you mellow and happy. Maybe if it was legal, we could all smoke it and there would not be as much violence and hate in the world.


Why can’t the government leave the Indian land alone? It belongs to them. I think putting it up for auction due to unpaid taxes is just plain stupid.


Congratulations to Rouses Point for wanting to improve the downtown area. But what about the burnt-out buildings as you enter the village from the west? It is the first impression people receive of our beautiful village.


You can’t order disaster relief like a drive-through burger. Our response to disasters in this country is excellent. People in need are impatient, understandably so, but then there are warnings well ahead of most storms.


Thanks to you people who leave home and leave your dogs out to constantly bark. Enough is enough; there are nuisance laws. 


Shame on anyone who abuses their children. You are the real evil of the world, whether it be physical or mental. May that child get help before it’s too late. Adults don’t be afraid to believe the children who are being abused.


Please tell track teams not to run in socializing groups. On a blind curve in a 55-mph zone, suddenly there’s a dozen kids in my lane. A car in the oncoming lane would have spelled disaster. All of these oblivious kids stayed together on the pavement.


93 million eligible voters stayed home this year. Is there any way to poll them for their reasons, or were their opinions part of the biased polls that predicted a different outcome? These people have no right to complain about the outcome.


Please remember that many of the people using local food shelves also have pets who need food as much as their human companions.  Throw in a bag of pet food and/or some canned food with your donations.


I like Christmas just as much as anyone else, but I am outraged that a few retail stores are opening on Thanksgiving day. This is a day for families to spend quality time together. Do not take that away for corporate greed.


Revitalization of Rousess Point’s downtown and where we want to be in the future.Instead of looking at vacant lots, use the time and effort to get a grocery store in the village. That will at least bring people in.


A visible handicap isn’t the criteria for a handicap placard or plate. I have multiple handicaps but can walk OK most of the time, while other times every step is painful, and that’s when I use mine.


I’d rather see the athetic-director position at half-time than lose another math, English or science teacher. Some schools have merged the AD function with another position. Academics first.