December 26, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 26, 2012

Generous gesture

TO THE EDITOR: On Dec. 10, my husband and I rang the bell for the Salvation Army at Price Chopper in Champlain. We witnessed a great deal of generosity.

There is one particular gesture that will warm our hearts far into the New Year. A little boy had been given a quarter for the candy machines. As he was passing the bucket, he paused. He fingered the coin, looking at the candy. It took a moment before he decided. The Red Bucket won.

We pray that the wise men and women, whoever they are, will pass laws and regulations to protect this little boy and the millions like him from the terror that lurks.


Rouses Point


Gun control

  TO THE EDITOR: After this latest tragedy in Newtown, CT, one wonders what it will take to change laws to protect the innocent.

Should we become patriots and storm Washington, D.C., with our muskets (oops! — we are now in the age of assault rifles and semi-automatics with full clips).

We, as responsible voters, must tell those who represent us our feelings, whether on gun control or facing the “fiscal cliff.”

We cannot sit back and complain any longer. We all must leave a positive footprint in the sand and help our fellow mankind.




Public feedback

TO THE EDITOR: Mr. Fenimore’s letter (In My Opinion, Dec. 11) should sound an alarm for every one of us voting citizens.

More and more often, we are hearing of town and local governments who refuse to let their constituents speak. The voters, as in this case, are told outright to remain silent. In other cases, cumbersome rules are set up to discourage all discussion.

The voters are regarded as silent sheep; the towns and municipalities become towns without a voice. It’s a practice that’s unethical, if not illegal.

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