December 26, 2012

Speakout: Dec. 26, 2012


---- — Studies

I sat with my son for two hours doing homework. He is in fifth grade. He sat at his desk working his tail off and got zero outdoor time, TV time or family time.


Don’t go to the house of a person that has a dog if you are afraid of the dog. They wouldn’t want you to go if they knew you were going to talk about them after. They maybe didn’t realize you felt that way.


I think a lot of people, old and young, should have to take their road test every two years. There are too many reckless drivers on the road. A red light means stop.


Put a camera on the lights above Smithfield and Route 3 toward Price Chopper, and watch all the cars that illegally turn right on red.


I know you love your job that you’ve had for 30 plus years. Who wouldn’t want medical insurance, paid holiday/vacations, sick days, reimbursements for mileage and gas, free lunch, 9-4 work days? I have a life also and would appreciate a timely “Can i help you?” and a smile.


Has anybody else noticed the lack of apartments in Plattsburgh that allow pets, especially dogs? I understand the possible mess, but just take people’s security deposits. Don’t punish those with well-behaved dogs.


There will be many happy and well-tended children this year due to the generous donations from Shane Muller and Santa’s Express (aka the NYSCOPBA union). Thank you for making Christmas special for so many.


Explain to me why employees can’t smoke on grounds, but patients are right outside door doing it, some with oxygen. Where is security?


The hedges, bushes and shrubs are still overtaking sidewalks. Nothing has been done by property owners in the city. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. The city isn’t going to do anything to them. Winter snow and ice will now be added to the danger for pedestrians. No shoveling allowed.


New York should have booths built just south of every Port of Entry and charge everyone that crosses the border a $1.50 a car. This money can be used for local and state law enforcement as well as road crews for plowing and maintenance. Create jobs too.


As a first-responder, I wish people would be more careful on the roads in winter. When they say only essential travel, that means the roads are unsafe to drive on. Make my job easier; stay safe.