February 28, 2013

Speakout: Feb. 28, 2013


Republican-led tax cuts the past 12 years for large corporations have not helped create jobs.  GE did not pay corporate tax in 2010 while profiting $10.5 billion.  What could our communities do with the lost $2.67 billion in taxes they should have paid?


Gun laws really won’t change things like Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech or Columbine. If someone wants to get into a school to hurt people, they will.


The local DMV would be used much more if it had a welcoming atmosphere. The clerks act as if they do not want us to come in for vehicle transactions.


Buying your grandkids gifts, doesn’t make you a grandparent. Keep the gifts and pick up the phone. One misses you, and the other doesn’t even know you. You seem to forget about my girls but remember well that you have grandsons.


According to the New York Department of Health website, it is Illegal for bingo halls to have smoking inside the building. So why does the Knights of Columbus bingo have an upstairs smoking section?


The question I keep asking myself is how much more of our rights being stripped away will America be willing to take? At the end of the day, we’re all responsible for the country we live in.


Thank you to the thoughtful citizen at the Winterfest Feb. 2. I lost my purse and thought it was gone, which would have ended my night out, but fortunately a kind individual returned it.

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