February 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 22, 2013

Vulnerable babies

TO THE EDITOR: An open letter to Gov. Cuomo: I was happy to read how you are providing recommendations concerning state programs related to developmental disabilities, mental health, substance abuse, children and the elderly.

I am happy that you want to protect and give quality care to “vulnerable people.”

“Vulnerable” is the exact word that was used in the article I read describing a program that you are implementing. However, I feel it is absolutely hypocritical of you to be strengthening the state’s system of protection for the vulnerable when you are in favor of and trying to pass legislation that allows late-term abortions. Who in this world is more vulnerable than a baby in its mother’s womb?

I pray that you will reconsider your position on abortion, and I hope that you will pray for God’s forgiveness before it’s too late.

If you are truly sincere about fighting for the vulnerable, then this is hypocrisy to the fullest. I am outraged that you would even consider a heinous act such as abortion to be something that you are trying to promote, rather than end.

Abortion is murder, pure and simple; there is no sugarcoating it. The screams of these precious babies are being silenced because of you and others like you, who will not stand up for them.

You call yourself a Catholic. Well, I am also a Catholic and proud of it. When is the last time you examined your conscience and followed the teachings of the Catholic Church?

The next time you look at a baby’s face, I hope you see what a beautiful gift from God it is,and that it didn’t end up being just a number added to the list of abortions that are performed in this Country everyday!

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