November 13, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 13, 2012


---- — Making a difference

TO THE EDITOR: An elderly neighbor receives lunch through Meals on Wheels.

Three new families are in the food pantry line because no matter how hard they try, the money isn’t enough to provide housing, utilities and food.

Disabled people can’t afford their insulin.

Mothers need help buying winter coats for their young children.

A mother and her children flee for their lives and with the help of Stop Domestic Violence they have a safe place to stay.

Area youth attend meetings where they learn valuable life skills through the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

It’s hard to believe that most of these scenarios take place on a daily basis in our community. We get so caught up in our daily routines that we don’t take time to notice what’s taking place around us. Imagine the impact you could have on these situations with a single donation to United Way of the Adirondack Region Inc.

No one is immune to the problems facing our community today. In our ever-changing world, you never know when a family member, neighbor or even you may need a United Way service.

United Way makes it possible to give one gift that supports 41 local agencies. Your one gift does so much good, and the best part is 100 percent of donated funds remain right here in the North Country.

When you participate in the United Way campaign, you are saying yes to becoming part of the change, yes to building a stronger community for us all to live and raise our families.

Our goal is $775,000. But it’s not only about meeting the goal; it’s about meeting the need that continues to be very strong in these times.

Your donation will make a difference every day.




Abolish preserve

TO THE EDITOR: Dave Gibson’s letter on Boreas Pond is pure bull. Anyone who knows anything about the Forest Preserve knows that there is no maintenance or management of those lands.

There will be no Boreas Pond. It will be destroyed via the dam not being maintained, thus draining the pond and destroying this fishery. The same goes for the Chain of Lakes and Hudson River.

His statements on wilderness users and tourism are false. One has only to look to Hamilton County to see the destruction to the local economy, jobs, businesses etc. that the Forest Preserve has caused.

Hikers, canoeists, kayakers spend nothing at local establishments. They bring their granola junk with them, block our roads with illegal parking and obstruct emergency and other vehicles and leave their trash and garbage all over the woods and roadside for the locals to pay for pickup. They are a drain on the local economy and town budgets.

The entire 161,000 acres of Finch- Nature Conservancy property should be Conservation Easement, None of these lands should become part of the Forest Preserve. Time New York state stopped destroying our wildlife’s food, shelter and habitat. Time the state stopped destroying jobs, businesses and local economies.

Time to abolish the Forest Preserve.