June 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 25, 2013


---- — Public assistance

TO THE EDITOR: Please endorse the New York State Public Assistance Integrity Act.

This proposed legislation would prohibit welfare recipients from using cash assistance to purchase items, such as tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, lottery tickets and to gamble. I have long been aware that some people were purchasing these types of items, but always thought that they were doing it underhandedly rather than legally.

I am not sure which disgusts me more? The fact that this has been allowed to take place to begin with or the fact that last year the legislation that was proposed to end it was permitted to die a legislative death.

As a person who has worked hard my entire life and has served my country, let me say this: This is the biggest bunch of “expletive, expletive bull expletive” I have ever heard. Need I say more? Not to other hard-working, taxpaying individuals because I already know how you feel.

But please publicly express your own outrage. Don’t allow this issue to remain quiet. Demand that your local representatives pass a resolution. Why should they be quiet about this?

If you need assistance, I am willing to see that you receive some comforts. I am willing to buy you a blanket, but not beer, cigarettes, lotto tickets and a paid trip to the casino.

I urge all honest, hard-working taxpayers to speak out. Please help bring an end to this tax abuse as well as to address the political mindset that is allowing it to remain intact. Or for that matter, to have ever allowed it to occur in the first place.

For more information or how to contact your representative please, visit my blog:


Lake Placid


Heritage garden

TO THE EDITOR: The devotion of the many volunteers working tirelessly at the Westport Heritage House never ceases to amaze me.

Once again, they came, they did, they conquered.

I would like to thank several people for their help in planting a new garden spot, making our Visitor and Community Center a place that greets and welcomes visitors and makes this an attractive site for Westport community members.

Thank you to Ted Taylor and his workers for digging the sod and for donating a bush and mulch to this project.

Thank you to Meredith Johnston and Marilyn Trienens for sharing some of their own garden plants.

Thank you to Donna Barber for purchasing flowers in memory of her mother to add to the plot.

Most of all, thank you to Donna Barber and Kathy Taylor for giving three hours of labor to turn all this into a beautiful space for the center. (Earl Barber, thank you for watering each week.)



Westport Heritage House


Show impact

TO THE EDITOR: “You’ve come, and we’re delighted.”

This is the time of year when, as a community, and particularly as a business community, we should reflect upon how fortunate we are to have one of the premiere horse shows in the world coming to our area.

The first week of the show, starting June 25, would be a relatively slow and difficult week without the horse show. Even the second week, with July 4th, could very well be less than optimum.

The presence of the horse show pretty much guarantees that both these weeks will be economically productive for Lake Placid/North Elba. This is absolutely the most important event we host all year.

In return for this good fortune (especially in this year of high and escalating costs), as a community, we should sincerely open our arms and welcome all the participants (workers, trainers, grooms, exhibitors, riders) and make each and every one of the them individually feel as if we consider them to be the most important person in the world, or as Ruth Newburry put it back in the ‘70s, “You’ve come, and we’re delighted.”

To all the participants in this year’s horse show, thank you for being here.



Mirror Lake Inn

Lake Placid


Television president

TO THE EDITOR: Barack Obama is not a real president but he plays one on TV.

The American people will not hold him responsible for unconstitutional acts by his administration any more than they would hold Homer Simpson responsible for a nuclear-power-plant disaster. You can’t blame a TV cartoon character for what happens in the real world.

Asking Obama zombies where Obama was during Benghazi seems as silly to their nitwits as asking them where Homer Simpson was during Chernobyl.

What difference does it make, anyway? Everything is Bush’s fault in any case because he wasn’t good on TV, the moron couldn’t even read his teleprompters right.

Obama is not our first all-black president but he is our first all-celebrity president, a virtual Kardashian brother by another mother. His ratings are kept high because he was the best pretender black racism and white guilt could buy.




Classmates sought

TO THE EDITOR: The AuSable Valley Central School Class of ‘93 is currently looking for some classmates.

Dave Ireland, Scott LeClerc, Jen Ruell, Robert Downey and Cynthia Saunders are all classmates we have been unable to locate. If anyone knows where they are, please contact Christine Laundree-Devins at with their email or address.

And for those who have not yet responded to their invitations, please do so. We would love to see you all there.

The reunion will be held at the Harmony Golf Club and Community in Port Kent from 7 to 11 p.m. July 13. Tickets are $20 per person. Light fare/munchies will be served, DJ and dancing, and a cash bar.

Please make checks payable to “AVCS Class of 1993” and mail by July 1 to: AVCS Class of 1993, P.O. Box 60, Port Kent, NY 12975.

And to those who can help us find our missing classmates, thank you.


Brookline, Vt.


Plattsburgh lacrosse

TO THE EDITOR: The Plattsburgh Lacrosse Club just finished its first official season with a tournament on Sunday, June 16.

The tournament was held at the oval under rainy conditions. Eight other lacrosse organizations from across the North Country brought a total of 17 teams to the tournament: Akwesasne, Canton, Colton, Massena, Ogdensburg, Potsdam, Tri-Lakes and St. Lawrence.

Even though the weather was poor, I estimate there were about 225 kids between 7 and 12 years of age playing lacrosse that day, along with another 400 or so adults watching the games.

The event was both well organized and well attended, especially given the poor weather conditions.

That Sunday was also Father’s Day, and watching both of my sons play lacrosse, a sport that each of them just learned, was the best gift of the day.

I am thrilled that youth lacrosse is now available in our community. It provides our kids with another option to exercise and stay healthy and adds to the progress that this community makes year and after year with its recreational activities.

I would like to thank the Plattsburgh Lacrosse Club and its leadership for such a successful first season and tournament.

I would also like to thank the City of Plattsburgh Recreation Department for supporting the tournament and assisting with the fields. The fields were lined clearly and in great shape, and I imagine most teams left Plattsburgh with a positive outlook on our new program.




Misguided legislation

TO THE EDITOR: Why is the media so closed to any other view on same-sex marriage?

They accept nothing short of complete support and acceptance, but there is another take, and it is reality.

It is against the natural law and can never lead to happiness, no matter what spin the media puts on it. These people are in a dilemma. They don’t know how they got themselves into such a mess. They sincerely seek their freedom and peace.

Their situation is not being helped by the media and some legislators.

They need our prayers and help and a rollback of this misguided legislation.


St. Bernard’s Church

Saranac Lake