June 18, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 18, 2013


---- — Art project

TO THE EDITOR: The Northern Adirondack Elementary children were very fortunate to have an author/illustrator in house five days over two weeks.

The children worked alongside Amy Guglielmo while creating art with a touch element.

This project was made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts.

I applaud Amy’s effort for traveling to Ellenburg each of the five days to share her passion, personality and expertise with the children. We have heightened the children’s interest in books, art history and art.

As the school partner/representative, I want to thank the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts and Mountain Lake PBS for working together to share word of the grant’s availability.

I also want to thank the Northern Adirondack Parent Teacher Organization for their financial support toward a portion of our required matching funds. I cannot forget to mention the cooperation of the Northern Adirondack Teachers, faculty and staff. As usual, everyone worked together to ensure success.

Again, thank you to everyone involved. It was an exciting project.


Reading specialist

Northern Adirondack Elementary


Volunteers appreciated

TO THE EDITOR: Thanks to the many donors and volunteers whose support made the recent fifth-annual Elmore SPCA chicken barbecue and silent auction a huge success.

Our sincere appreciation goes to Ausable Chasm, Midas Muffler, Hungry Bear Restaurant, Tamarack Stables, Punki’s, Regis Hair Salon, Peru Pharmacy, Snug Harbor Marina, Swain’s Liquor, Friendly’s, Lake City Choppers, Cumberland 12, Bazzano’s, Tea and Treasures, Canine Adventures, Beehive Hair Salon, Alix’s Hardware, North Bowl Lanes, Adirondack Soup Company, Linda’s Beauty Shop, Friehoffer’s Bread Store, Vikki Laidman, Larry Gooley, Dennis Lombard, Roberta Doty, Kathy Bordeau, Janet Altman and Kim Bertrand for all the wonderful items they donated for our silent auction.

In addition, kudos to Jay Heald, who donated all the chickens. Despite the heat and humidity, he happily stood over the barbecue grilling 150 delicious-tasting chicken halves. He worked in tandem with American Post 20 Manager Peter Gallagher, who worked tirelessly in the kitchen to oversee preparation of the dinner platters.

Four fantastic members of Saranac Key Club enthusiastically volunteered to serve the meals to hungry diners. Thank you to them, to all the fabulous bakers who made so many delightful desserts and to those wonderful volunteers who helped with setup and cleaned up after dinner.

We would like to thank Compass Rose Band for the enjoyable musical entertainment.

And finally, thanks so much to all of you who turned out to participate in this event. The Elmore SPCA Board of Directors and staff greatly appreciate your continued support and generosity to help animals in need.



Elmore SPCA Board of Directors


Information available

TO THE EDITOR: Unfortunately, a person with top U.S. security clearance has violated the trust of the government and has undermined our security efforts in preventing a catastrophe on our soil or that of our friendly countries.

The information gained had interrupted previously unknown terrorist attacks on our soil, and a program was in place, by previous Congress approval, that allowed these searches.

Unfortunately, this leak has caused the public to be misinformed and scared that our government is scanning and listening to our phone calls. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With valid facts of an attempt to harm our country, a search warrant would have to be issued by a Supreme Court justice to further the investigation, whether the involved persons involved are from the USA or a foreign country.

All of the records that you wrongly believe private are, and have been, public records since the day you were born: birth certificate, Social Security number, military SSN, address, telephone number, hospital and doctor records, credit-card numbers, marriage license, driver’s license and on and on.

They are in the public domain. Anyone can do a search for telephone numbers, addresses or anything by a few finger strokes on the web.

So, do you feel any better or are you going to get your information from Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Fox News and the crazy agitators who are trying to disrupt our government from legislation putting people to work, health programs, unemployment, feeding the needy, WIC and education?

Edward Snowden, a former CIA communications expert, has confirmed that he is the culprit that violated our laws and corrupted forever our government investigation. He is not a hero; he is a traitor and should be charged as such.

God bless, America.