June 6, 2013

Speakout: June 6, 2013


---- — Money

Administrators (not superintendents) get a 2 percent or more raise. They agree to furlough three to five days. They still end up taking more home in their paycheck and they get three to five additional days off. Combine administrative positions and save significant money.


Molestation is nothing to take lightly. I believe it happens more often than anyone can imagine. If you happen to have been molested, you should seek counseling.


Re: your study of the school superintendents’ jobs. Jeez, when I went to school, we only had a principal. How in the world did we ever get along without a six-figure super?


If you are making a right-hand turn at a stop sign, you are still required to come to a complete stop. The stop sign at the corner of Bridge and City Hall Place is a stop sign, not a yield.