April 15, 2014

Letters to the Editor: April 15, 2014

Elmore staff thanked

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing to express our gratitude to Elmore SPCA’s staff for their generosity and support for the Animal Science Veterinary Assistant Program at Champlain Valley Educational Services, CV-TEC.

Elmore staff provided a great opportunity for the ASVA students to learn at their facility with hands-on experience. It is the knowledge and kindness of their staff that made our time there a positive educational experience.

We look forward to maintaining a working relationship with Elmore’s SPCA in the future. Their time spent with us is greatly appreciated.

Any reader that is considering giving an animal a lifelong, loving home, please go see the staff at Elmore SPCA. They will guide you in choosing the perfect pet for your home.


CV-TEC instructor


Wonderful ideas

TO THE EDITOR: I recently have read and heard of the wonderful ideas about improving our City of Plattsburgh’s economy and its appearance from our Mayor Jim Calnon.

If only he was the president of our great country: USA.




Beautiful alternatives

TO THE EDITOR: There has never been any harassment from any prayer participant, nor any flyers “thrown” at anyone going into Planned Parenthood.

No obscenities have ever been directed at anyone. The people are praying for the mother and baby out of love and concern, offering support and life-giving alternatives. 

The obscenities mentioned are usually directed at those of us praying. Never would any of these individuals praying utter an obscenity or show meanness to anyone entering or leaving.

Maybe PP finds it difficult to understand the concern we feel for these women entering those doors of death? We want to save the life of a child but also save the mother from the lifelong pain of regret after choosing to abort her child. The stories post-abortive women share are available in the following books: “Unplanned,” by Johnson; “40 Days for Life,” by Bereit; and “Recall Abortion,” by Morena. When the hearts and minds of these women tell them that this decision was wrong,  it haunts them the rest of their lives.

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