April 14, 2014

Cheers and Jeers: April 14, 2014

CHEERS to Ed Cahill of Lake Shore Property Management for taking the time to reunite a stolen wallet with its owner.

Susan Duquette, who lives in Peru, went shopping at Walgreens on the evening of April 1, with her new Coach wristband wallet on her arm. By the time she realized it was missing, someone had taken off with the wallet, which held a full complement of charge cards, along with her driver’s license, family photos and a small amount of cash.

She contacted City Police and Walgreens, but with no immediate suspect, she figured she should act quickly to prevent misuse of her funds. She stayed up late that night contacting all her credit-card companies to cancel the cards.

Two weeks passed, and Duquette figured she had seen the last of the wallet. Then, out of the blue, Cahill contacted the family, saying he had found the wallet at the bottom of a trash bin on Broad Street in Plattsburgh at one of the properties he manages.

There wasn’t much left in it: some coins, an American Express card, AARP card and a lunch card from Malone Golf Club. The Golf Club card was just the clue Cahill needed to track down the “Susan Duquette” whose name was on the three cards.

He called the club, where a cousin of Duquette’s happens to work, and pretty soon had an answer to who the wallet belonged to. He later delivered it to the Duquettes’ house.

Duquette praised the workers at Walgreens and Lowe’s (where one of her missing cards might have been used) for taking time to go through surveillance video for her. And she said all the stores she contacted to report the missing card, such as the local TJ Maxx, were concerned and helpful.

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