April 10, 2014

Letters to the Editor: April 10, 2014

Lydia’s wishes

TO THE EDITOR: At this time, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to the many people for helping to make Lydia’s heartfelt wish come true.

Thanks to: John Boyea/Boyea’s Deli in Moriah, Ben Winters/Moriah Fire Department and Moriah Family Pharmacy in Port Henry for Lydia’s bon-voyage party; Christopher Kreig, airport manager and Tom Rogers, airport security coordinator/Plattsburgh International Airport; to TSA Officers Brian Smith and Victoria Zavalia for their escort and support throughout the airport; to Kevin, James and all the staff of Allegiant Airlines for a truly wonderful experience; and last, but certainly not least, to Fritz and Ground Force One for providing limousine service to and from the airport.

Please know that you all shared in Lydia’s wish “to go see the castle and meet the Disney princesses.”

She was able to have breakfast and pictures with Belle, as well as to individually meet Cinderella, Snow White and all the rest. There was so much more.

So we thank each and every one of you for helping to fulfill our mission to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy for Lydia and her family.



Wish granters

Make-A-Wish Northeast New York



Drug replacement

TO THE EDITOR: I grew up here in Plattsburgh. I am a recovering addict with 10 years clean, who has been active in the recovering community.

There has been an expansion in drug-replacement programs in Plattsburgh. I am writing to inform the community that this is not a positive step forward.

Drug replacement is when professionals encourage opiate addicts to stop using street drugs and provide a synthetic alternative. They claim that these drugs do not offer a high, only stop withdrawal.

This is a lie. I can attest from speaking to addicts who have taken these drugs; they do in fact get people high. They offer a better high than street drugs. These drugs are bought, sold and traded both on the street and in jails.

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