April 7, 2014

Speakout: April 7, 2014


The editorial referencing a comparison to prohibiting parking spaces in front of Planned Parenthood for a protest group is not the same as prohibiting parking spaces in front of restaurants. Surely an outcry would be loud and not allowed if crowds with posters protested the individual restaurant to discourage patrons. 


Every person interested in education and/or education reform should read the Time Magazine piece of Feb 13 titled “The school that guarantees a job.” It’s a report on the Sarah E. Goode school, using a new core curriculum that should be the future of education.


I have worked in the prison system for 20 years, and most staff are hard-working employees. However, when management lets staff read papers,do puzzles, make personal phone calls on state time, watch TV all night and do nothing during their shift, it affects the morale of the whole facility.


Story No. 35 now surfacing for this missing flight. Hundreds of debris pieces have been found, yet it takes days to reach and interpret what these are. Here in America, satellites can take crystal-clear photos of your license plates in minutes.


It’s sickening how a text was sent out to most of the Malaysia’s family members that the plane definitely crashed in the Indian Ocean, before any hard piece of evidence has been found and collected. They are becoming desperate in finding a final conclusion.


I love being able to enjoy the outside seating available at the restaurants downtown during the summer. I lived on City Hall Place, and it’s easy enough to park in the free lot a block away. Thanks, City of Plattsburgh.


Legalizing marijuana is not something that our lawmakers should decide on because it is such a controversial subject. It should be put on the ballot for the whole state to vote on. Let the majority rule. Remember democracy.

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