April 6, 2014

Speakout: April 6, 2014


Drive down Margret Street on the weekend at night. Literally eight police cruisers on the street. Multiply that over a year. There is your budget increase. It looks like a police state. I understand police presence on the weekend, but that is ridiculous.


So you don’t like Fox News; you must not like having the truth about the abysmal state of the current government brought to light. The Hope and Change leadership hoped for approval and changed us in the worst possible ways.


Yes, kids can buy coffee, but do you object to breathing second-hand smoke now? How about having that driver high on marijuana, or your doctor, or your mechanic when he fixes a vital part of your car? It is a mind-altering drug and can’t be tested on drivers


There is nothing in marijuana not already refined and available in other drugs; legalizing smoking is just to pacify the users and to raise tax dollars for the government. Legal gun owners arrested and felons smoking dope on street corners — is that what you really want?


Saying “So” is very annoying, and so is saying “Like” numerous times in sentences. Don’t our teachers teach the English language? Life has gotten so relaxed that younger generations will never talk, dress, etc. with personal pride as to how they come across to others. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

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