November 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 5, 2013


Within minutes of the attack, our president and commander in chief of all U.S. armed forces, spoke in a pre-arranged speech at Lehman Brothers Corp. Brief mention was made of the tragedy at the Navy Shipyard. With full knowledge that our naval base was under attack, the president instead chose to focus his own attack on Republican lawmakers. Tasteless and disrespectful are apt words to describe.

Tuesday morning, I opened to the front page of the Press-Republican. Disbelieving, the terrorism that took place on Monday that took the lives of 12 innocent Americans is not even mentioned on the front page. This story is not found until you turn to Page 8.

I find this to be another example of dishonor to the brave men and women that were killed or injured while serving our country. Is this political bias in editing? Do our editors believe that people of the North Country are not interested in our national security or care about the men and women in our military?

It is unfortunate that the Press-Republican would not deem this event noteworthy of a front-page headline.




Credit unions

TO THE EDITOR: On Thursday, Oct. 17, credit unions in our community and worldwide came together to celebrate International Credit Union Day and the role that financial cooperatives play in improving the communities they serve and the lives of their members the world over.

This year’s theme, “Credit Unions Unite for Good,” encapsulated what has long been credit unions’ philosophical principle — cooperation among financial cooperatives to better serve their members.

It is the goal of all credit unions to offer access to affordable financial services to all their members and provide even the most financially disadvantaged the tools and the opportunities to be financially self-sufficient.

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