October 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 27, 2013


---- — Committed to taxpayers

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing in support of my husband, Paul Lamoy, for the office of town councilor in the Town of Plattsburgh.

My husband has committed himself to working for taxpayers. He has missed only one meeting of the Town Council in the five years he has served. A commitment like that is exactly what we need in local government.

My husband has taken on tough issues, and his own political party, if it was in the best interest of you, the taxpayer. He does not dodge the difficult problems but rather faces them head on.

One of my husband's opponents has claimed he is a former Zoning Board of Appeals member in the town. What he does not tell you is he was not put back on the ZBA at the end of his term.

Please join me in support of my husband, Paul Lamoy, on Nov. 5.




Common sense

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to encourage everyone to get out and vote the Nov. 5.

One of the most important positions up for a vote is the Town Council in Plattsburgh. While this may not be the glamorous job that gets the news attention, this is where the real work is done, and no one does more than Paul Lamoy.

Our town is growing, and we need leaders, to encourage this growth, while keeping track of the bottom line. We need to keep our town moving forward, with good-paying jobs for our children.

Paul is dedicated, experienced and working every day for all of us. In five years, he has missed only one Town Council meeting; now that's representation.

His common-sense approach is exactly what we need in this economy. He is always searching for ways to save the taxpayers' money.

Join me and vote for Paul Lamoy.




Beekmantown council

TO THE EDITOR: This year, we have an opportunity to elect two very good councilmen in Beekmantown.

Both candidates are honest and hardworking, with the town residents' best interests at heart. Sherm DuBrey and Joe Deyo would be delegates for all the town residents. Both having long-standing records of public service.

While the third candidate sells himself well, his record is a tribute to his past. Mr. Morales has been involved with "small interest groups" that brought lawsuits against our town. Mr. Morales was a litigate in "windmill" lawsuits that cost the town residents thousands of dollars in lawyer fees, instead of the town receiving thousands in revenues.

This lawsuit can be read at the Clinton County Court House or can be FOILed at Beekmantown Town Hall for a few dollars.

See the "facts" that Mr. Morales never is able to talk about with his "open, honest, ethics, brochure" that he hands out.

Please be a judge on Election Day, Nov. 5.

Join my family and vote for these two "true" servants, Sherm and Joe, who have the people's interest first, not self-serving and small-interest-group gains.

Remember let's take our town back Nov. 5.




DuBrey cited

TO THE EDITOR: This year in Beekmantown, we have the opportunity to elect Sherman DuBrey for Town Council.

Sherm's vision is to provide our municipalities with "natural gas," which already exists in parts of our town.

I've known Sherm for many years. He is always willing to help out with all kinds of projects. Sherm is one of those "go-to guys," always willing to help anyone. Sherm will work with the Town Council on a bipartisan level and represent "all" residents of our town.

Sherm is relentless in his pursuit to help make Beekmantown a better place for our children and grandchildren, as he and his family have lived here for generations.

Join me and help Sherm DuBrey this Election Day, Nov.5.




Fair, honest

TO THE EDITOR: This is what Plattsburgh needs, so please vote for Paul O'Connell, also known as "The Crusher."

I have known this man for the better part of 30 years as a co-worker, athletic coach and sports official.

Paul is fair and honest. Enough said.