October 25, 2013

Speakout: Oct. 25, 2013


Cooking at home entails cleaning and timely presentation of beverages and meals. Having it presented and refilled by another individual is a service, which is not paid for in the bill itself. Make sure you are tipping properly or please stay at home.


A perspective on TV trash, turn on (example) NBC morning show, then listen to it from another room and hear two women racing to see how fast they can jam words back and forth to each other.


CNN has stated that Republicans and Speaker Boehner are the soul culprits in the government shutdown. This story is completely embarrassing. What we have here is a bunch of children pointing their fingers at each other.


The sooner we get the children out of office, the faster we can get something done in this country. Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this? Day after day, the same kids fight like rats over what should be done. I’m waiting for my county’s legislative to step in soon?


To the restaurant that would not honor my coupon, shame on you. You offered this discount through their website, and it should be redeemable. That is no way to get new business.


Conservatives scream for small government, except when it comes to female reproductive rights. Or who marries who. They yell for lower budgets. Except for when we went to Iraq and Afghanistan on the national credit card while giving the rich tax cuts.


In the last week, I have noticed a few dead cats lying on people’s front lawns. Whether it is a dog or cat, the animal should be kept indoors or leashed when he or she is outside. Please be a responsible pet owner.


The Town of Plattsburgh Council is proposing a huge new highway tax. They have used up reserves and now just increase our taxes. This is not a political party rant; it affects us all, Democrats, Independents and Republicans.

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